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ニュースニュース • 4 Jan 2024

LMN Architects complete a sensitive and contextual design for an interdisciplinary building at the University of Cincinnati

Designed collaboratively by LMN Architects and KZF Design, the recently completed Clifton Court Hall at the University of Cincinnati is an interdisciplinary building dedicated to several departments within the University’s College of Arts and Sciences. With a total area of 185,000 square feet, the building accommodates various departments previously scattered across campus within a concept sensitive to the surrounding architectural heritage and building materiality.  Tim Griffith The exterior of the façade is a modern application of terracotta, which was selected to blend with the surrounding brick buildings, while the overall massing steps down at the lower levels to navigate the sloping topography and engage wi... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 13 Oct 2023

Foster + Partners completes a self-shading tower for Techcombank in Ho Chi Minh City

Following the completion of their design for the Techcombank Headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam, Foster + Partners has completed a second, 21-storey tower for the company in Ho Chi Minh City. The concept for this latest tower revolves around two main approaches: programmatic – responding to different tenants and uses – and environmental, with a unique self-shading concept developed in response to the site's tropical climate.  Weerapon Singnoi Overall, the tower appears as two main blocks, with the building core situated to the rear, facing the adjacent hotel. Reflecting the inner workings of the building, the recessed space between these two blocks is an amenities floor for employees.  Inside, three central atri... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にThe Svetozar Andreev Studio / Hotei-Russiaアパート

Zen Garden Residences by Svetozar Andreev

Svetozar Andreev: Zen Garden Residences a unique residential space - an evergreen oasis - in the historical center of St. Petersburg.  Northern architecture with a southern character. Saint Petersburg is often called the star of the North, and like many cities located in cold climates, it lacks a warm summer atmosphere. As a practical consequence of understanding this peculiarity of the city, I came up with the idea of the ZEN GARDEN project - a unique living space of an evergreen oasis in the historical center of St. Petersburg. © Svetozar Andreev 2023 The idea of an oasis or hidden garden formed the general layout of the ZEN GARDEN building, the core of which is a green atrium with hanging balcony gardens with tropical p... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 7 Aug 2023

Zaha Hadid Architects to proceed with Daxia Tower in Xi’an

In Xi’an, one of China’s largest inland cities, Daxia Group has announced that Zaha Hadid Architects will proceed with the new Daxia Tower in the city’s thriving development zone. Initial renderings revealed by the architects present a tower with a gently curving silhouette, accentuated by layers of patterned glazing and dramatic atriums that bring light deep into the floorplates. A cascade of planted interior terraces recalls mountainside waterfalls, with each atrium oriented to take advantage of a panoramic view of the historic north and east of the city or the high-tech zone to the south and west.  ATCHAIN Once the country’s ancient capital and a historic eastern gateway to the Silk Road, modern Xi... もっと見る

ニュース詳細 • 20 Jul 2023

Detail: The timber-hybrid and biophilic design of UBC Gateway

UBC Gateway is the new principal point of access to the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver Campus. Designed by Perkins&Will in partnership with the firm’s Danish studio, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, the Gateway is a timber-hybrid structure that draws inspiration from the university’s natural setting. Perkins&Will / SHL Situated on the western tip of the Point Grey peninsula (on Vancouver’s west side), the University of British Columbia is surrounded by nature: Pacific Spirit Regional Park lies to the south-east, Burrard Inlet and the Coast Mountains lie to the north, and the Strait of Georgia and Vancouver Island lie to the west. In a manner that echoes the environment, the university’s wish... もっと見る

ニュース仕様 • 16 May 2023

10 dynamic atria in secondary schools

中等教育は、思春期の人生において重要な成長期にあたる。多くの時間を学校環境で過ごすため、建物や周囲の環境は必然的に若者の世界に対する見方や考え方に影響を与える。教育環境の物理的な側面は、学習能力や社交能力に影響を与える可能性がある。 中学校の校舎に吹き抜けを取り入れることは、社会的な結束力を育むのに特に適している。ダイナミックな建築的特徴であるアトリウムは、通常数階建てになっている。屋根はガラス張りにすることが多いが、全体をガラス張りにすることも部分的にガラス張りにすることも可能で、豊富な自然光を確保することができる。アトリウムは、人と空間をつなぐ役割を果たし、しばしば建物の内部建築を特徴づける。 中等学校では、アトリウムは重要な拠点であり、学生のホットスポットである。教室から離れ、社交を楽しんだり、勉強したり、食事をしたりするのに理想的な場所である。アトリウムに緑を加えることで、生徒や職員が自然とつながり、全体的な幸福感が向上する。   以下に、中等学校におけるダイナミック・アトリアの10の例を挙げる。   1. Francis Tuttle Danforth Campus Justin Miers Photography 米国オクラホマ州にあるフランシス・タトル・ダンフォース・キャンパスは、ボッカス・ペインの設計によるもので、光あふれるガラスのロタンダが組み込まれている。   2. Lycée Franco-Allemand David Matthiessen ベーニッシュ・アーキテクトンの設計によるフランス、ブックのリセ・フランコ・アルルマンには、内部から外部への移行を示すパ... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にIPA Architecture and more保育園


As architects, we believe that architecture should enhance education and develop in children a sense of aesthetic appreciation for the environment. BRITANICA Park School aims to promote tradition while building on it with modern education principles. It is located in the suburbs of Vitosha Mountain and caters to children from 2.5 years old (kindergarten) to 18 years old (school). Todor Todorov This project aims to design architecture that facilitates healthy living & learning. Socialization and communication, enriching social and behavioral habits are integrated in the concept.  Classical and modern ideas guide the building's exterior design. Ultimately, the form implies a connection to Great Britain's culture - tradition a... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 2 Feb 2023

Custom façade by Greater Dog Architects floats like a feather

In Shaoxing, China, the new é é é | BSH headquarters is a mixed-use complex containing retail space, an office, R&D productions, restaurants, and a factory for the production of high-quality goose-down bedding products. Inspired by the nature of white goose down, Greater Dog Architects developed a façade concept for the complex that poetically interprets the soft material on the building’s exterior with a series of curving white aluminum plates that appear to float in a light, feather-like relief pattern.  Greater Dog Architects The building comprises two parts: a grey concrete base containing prime programmatic elements, with white curving aluminum plates floating above. The constantly cha... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 29 Jan 2023

Foster + Partners complete flexible urban workspace ICÔNE for a post-covid world

In Belval, Luxembourg, Foster + Partners has completed the new office complex ICÔNE. The project's design process began in 2016, well before the pandemic. However, during the building's evolution, the pandemic highlighted the need for a more flexible urban workspace, which the ultimate design strives explicitly to provide. Additionally, the project is part of a significant revitalization of the site and surroundings, which form part of Belval's rich industrial heritage.  Nigel Young / Foster + Partners Designed in collaboration with local practice BFF architectes, the 18,000 square meter office complex comprises two wings surrounding a central atrium. The atrium is the heart of the project, open and bright with plentifu... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 24 Jan 2023

Le Studium at the University of Strasbourg fosters sustainability, sociability, and sharing in a combined library and student union building

In the vein of a learning centre, Le Studium at the University of Strasbourg by Jean-Pierre Lott combines the function of a library and a student union building. Fostering sustainability, sociability, and sharing, the facility includes traditional reading rooms alongside modular rooms with easy-to-move furniture.  Christophe Bourgeois Prominently located at the interface between the historic centre and the Campus de l’Esplanade, the project announces the entrance to the campus from the city. In response to the urban condition, the architects present two different conditions to the outside world: a largely transparent ground floor that invites passers-by to enter and a main body above, which takes on a sinuous form that... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 1 Mar 2022

Hourglass by Powerhouse Company in Amsterdam projects approachability and allure

For a top tier law firm in Amsterdam, Powerhouse Company worked with the architecture of Dam & Partners’ hourglass-shaped building, reshaping and softening the spectacular main atrium of the design to create an interior space that embraces the firm’s values of transparency, inclusivity, and quality. The new space manages to welcome clients while balancing more closed and compact office space for legal work. Sebastian van Damme Photography Projecting approachability and allure, the lobby greets clients with a sweeping set of stairs, set against a green wall, that leads upwards to an expansive atrium bathed in light. A lobby coffee bar adds to the welcoming nature of the space. Sebastian van Damme Photography Funct... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にBWM Designers & Architectsホテル

Hotel Gilbert

BWM Architekten have fully refurbished the well-known ViennArt Hotel in Breite Gasse in Vienna. Now reopened the hotel boasts an entirely new look as well as a new name. With its Scandinavian flair and abundant greenery, the Gilbert, as it is now called, aims to attract locals as well as international guests and position itself as a dynamic hub in the trendy Spittelberg quarter of Vienna. BWM Architekten / Michael Koenigshofer The long-established ViennArt Hotel in the middle of the trendy quarter around Vienna’s Spittelberg will reopen in early 2021 under its new name, Hotel Gilbert. In line with its slogan – “truly your hotel” – it has not only been fully refurbished, but also extended to include a roof... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 6 Sep 2021

Woven characteristics of textiles leveraged as design inspiration at the Beijing Fashion-Factory

Inspired by the textile arts, the Beijing Fashion-Factory by AntiStatics Architecture is the transformation of a former industrial site into a dynamic workspace for creatives in the fashion industry. The woven characteristics of textiles are leveraged as design inspiration, defining space and acting as a means of both connectivity and separation.  Xiazhi The total project comprises 12 different buildings oriented around a courtyard. The courtyard comes together as a diverse collection of techniques, incorporating new built elements, reuse of post-industrial waste and native landscaping all enhanced by intelligent lighting system to provide unique and changing experiences of the spaces throughout the day and into the night. Former... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にCO Architects大学

NKU Health Innovation Center

CO Architects teamed with GBBN Architects to deliver a state-of-the-art transdisciplinary educational facility to train future healthcare practitioners at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) in Highland Heights, KY.  The addition of the Health Innovation Center and renovation of the adjoining Founders Hall (built in 1974) creates a seamless complex for learning, collaboration, and practice.  The unified 210,000-square-foot facility houses classrooms, offices, conference rooms, laboratories, and a full simulation and clinical skills suite to train practitioners in addressing Kentucky’s specific health challenges, including diabetes, heart disease, opioid addiction, and cardio-pulmonary illnesses.  This transdisciplinary a... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 7 Aug 2020

Regularly spaced windows and deep reveals define this discrete new town hall for Remchingen

This new town hall for Remchingen, Germany was designed as a honed, pentagonal urban element with no rear sides and an architectural presence to both the newly designed market square and the two street fronts that surround. In addition to a rigorous façade made of insulating concrete, the exterior is highly distinguishable from its context due to regularly spaced windows with deep reveals. Credit: Brigida Gonzalez This building’s overall design strategy, developed by Steimle Architekten, is a response to buildings in the immediate vicinity - such as the Remchingen Cultural Centre and nursing home - which are discrete, self-referential buildings that do not form an urban spatial relationship to each other. Credit: Brigi... もっと見る