Design belongs to people, and through design we express our humanity, simply because it is a stage for our lives. The stage may be our home, office, city, vacation places…any space we experience.

The people are inspiring our creative processes, and they are the reason our job has meaning. All of our projects are stories about encounters between humans, and we discover ourselves through our work, we discover the world we live in, we learn to listen, to be receptive and eventually to have healthy relationships.

Every space we design comes alive in our minds along the process, and we imagine ourselves living, feeling, experiencing it. And so we refine and reiterate thoroughly the design until we feel the space has this power of accessing the best version of the inner self and makes people feeling they are living their life at full potential. 

We do not believe though in styles, trends or “one size fits all” approaches, as we do no believe in fast forward. 

Humanity, honesty and curiosity are what we value and the anchors we stick to anytime we face challenges or confusion.

In the end, we want to design with joy in our hearts. It is our belief that choosing joy,  we can leave the world a more beautiful place.

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Bucharest, Romania