Advance your workflow with SketchUp: Import point cloud data, model in 3D, and render in V-Ray

Advance your workflow with SketchUp: Import point cloud data, model in 3D, and render in V-Ray

28 mei 2021 Gesponsorde Artikelen

SketchUp is known for its intuitive 3D modeler, but there are more features in the SketchUp suite that support the entire design-build lifecycle. With a SketchUp Studio subscription, users can geo-locate their models, import point cloud data, draw in 3D, generate photoreal and real-time renders in V-Ray 5, document in 2D, view their projects through AR/VR apps, and collaborate in the cloud. 

Studio’s two newest features, Scan Essentials and V-Ray 5, bolster the design process even more for AEC professionals. Users can easily import and model straight on to as-is scan data in SketchUp with Scan Essentials, and then create high-quality visualizations with V-Ray.

Scan Essentials
Whether you are retrofitting or designing a new build, with Scan Essentials you don't have to start your base model from scratch. Import point cloud data from drones, terrestrial scans, photogrammetry, lidar sensors, and mobile mapping, to model your project using the point cloud as exact reference points. Don’t have time to create a 3D model? No problem. Scan Essentials allows you to import point cloud data directly into LayOut where you can annotate point clouds at scale.

V-Ray 5
In V-Ray 5, not only do you have access to high-quality, photoreal rendering, but you can also render in real-time with V-Ray Vision. This feature makes edits and alterations instantly visible in the render, speeding up the process to explore different materials and lighting. V-Ray 5 speeds this up further with Light Gen, a feature that quickly generates a range of lighting options. Save even more time with Chaos Cosmos, a content library of render-ready objects like people, vegetation, furniture, accessories, and lighting.

Want to see SketchUp Studio in action? Watch the on-demand webinar or start a free 30-day trial.

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