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Skyfold Classic 55 awarded the Best-of-Best award for the ICONIC Awards: Innovative Architecture 2021!

The Skyfold Classic 55 wall partition system impresses with heights of up to 11 m and is also suitable for inclined surfaces. Sound insulation indices exceed industry standards. Thanks to the special construction, the system does not require floor rails, wall rails or visible hinges, and can be stored on the ceiling to save space. The ease of use is also impressive: The Skyfold Classic 55 operates fully automatically, is quiet, and conveniently controlled by key or touchscreen.

The Classic™ Series was developed to meet the acoustic challenges of geometrically variable spaces from the simple (offices, classrooms) to the complex (auditoriums with sloped and stepped floors).

Exceeding industry standards, the acoustic soundproofing indexes for Classic 51, 55 and 60 ensure privacy and confidentiality are respected from one space to another. The Classic NRC model reduces ambient noise within meeting and conference rooms, thereby increasing the user’s comfort.

While all Skyfold walls fold vertically into a ceiling storage pocket, the Classic moves a bit differently. The accordion style of panel folding means that the Classic can reach higher ceiling heights than the Zenith and Zenith Premium models, making it the ideal solution for rooms with high ceilings.

Available in the following acoustic ratings: STC 51 (Rw 51 dB), STC 55 (Rw 54 dB), STC 60 (Rw 59) and NRC 0.65


Other Advantages & Characteristics: 

- Unlimited in length 
- Maximum height of 36' (11000mm)
- Automated & easy to use 
- Automatic rubber end seals 
- Simple turn-key or digital keypad operation
- Standard and custom finish options 
- No floor or wall tracks  
- No visible hinges 
- Acoustic class testing on entire system, not just the panels
- Can be used in stepped or sloped environments 

- Can be configured in T-Configurations or at intersecting at 90 degrees

View our Family Brochure here. 

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