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Bathtub taps (230)

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All about Bathtub Taps

A bathtub tap is an essential component in making a bathing space functional and inviting. And between design, material, finish, configuration and style options, there are numerous combinations to select from. Several things need to combine well to make a perfect bathtub tap. In addition to functionality, the style of a tap needs to compliment the fixture design and overall style of the bathroom.

The most common bathtub taps available today are taps with straight lever handles. These types of taps make a good choice for bathrooms that accommodate people with varying abilities. Another popular option available is cross handle bathtub taps that feature spoked handles. There are bathtubs with oval handles that can be operated easily using the palm of the hand. In addition to these different models, the number of handles on a bathtub tap also varies with different products.  

Bathroom tap finish is the one that designs the space of a bathroom. There are several different types of tap finishes available including cool or warm hues and polished or brushed surfaces that affect the mood of the space. There is a story waiting to be unveiled or told within every bathroom. The selection of bathroom tap finish transforms the look of a space with a new spectrum of expression.  

Bathtub taps come in many installation types to accommodate bath and space. Among the most common types of bathtub installation are deck mount taps and wall mount tap systems. Deck mount taps show great compatibility with under-mount and drop-in baths, along with certain types of freestanding bathtubs. Highly popular, wall mount bathtub taps are extremely compatible with different types of bathtubs and also offer a clean look by keeping the duck uncluttered. Other popular bathtub tap installation types are ceiling mount and floor mount taps.

A variety of options are available in terms of bathtub tap materials. Solid brass is the highly favored option due to its strong construction and durability. Chrome or brass plating and stainless steel are also extensively used to make bathtub taps.

Manufacturer Spotlight : GROHE

As a reputed and reliable bathtub tap manufacturer, Grohe offers a complete and distinctive product portfolio for their customers. Four components, namely design, quality, sustainability and technology are merged harmoniously to deliver unparalleled water fun for their customers.

Grohe bathtub taps are equipped with a proprietary SmartControl feature that makes shower experience more intense and enjoyable. At Grohe, design concept goes beyond artistic finery and offers an ideal synthesis of form and function. It is a quality characteristic that clearly distinguishes Grohe from other manufacturers.

The product range of Grohe is really vast and easily fulfills the needs of different customers. All Grohe bathtubs taps components are subjected to rigorous endurance tests and quality checks to withstand the simulated effects of daily use. 


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