All about carpets


An ideal commercial carpet is appealing, has intricate textures and impressive patterns. These are most of the time easy on pocket and of resilient nature. With commercial carpets, one can get a wide range of products which are suitable to use in any setting. The choice of carpet mostly depends on the foot traffic it can withstand and the maintenance required. Points which one must take into consideration when selecting the carpet, are: the nature of the floor and the type of décor.


Commercial grade carpets are of durable nature and with little maintenance can serve for many years. They are manufactured in a way so as to handle high foot traffic in a hassle-free manner. With these carpets, one can be assured that the carpet can withstand high foot traffic on daily basis without looking shabby. With commercial carpets, a shorter pile height is used, as long fibers are more prone to damage in the case of high foot traffic, thus deteriorating the appearance of the carpet. With commercial carpet, one has an expectation that it will serve for many years and have a lasting appearance.


With commercial carpets, one can select from a wide variety. Cut pile carpets, level loop carpets, cut and loop carpets, broadloom carpets, and carpet tiles are popular types of commercial grade carpets. Among these, for high foot traffic, pile carpets are believed to be a top choice. These can be easily used for areas like lobbies and classrooms. A popular choice when one is looking for a carpet to be used in a large area is a broadloom carpet. A downside of broadloom carpets is ease of cleaning as one needs to hire a professional.


In order to keep commercial carpet clean, it is advisable that commercial facilities should plan and implement a routine maintenance by regularly scheduling cleaning. This will not only help in extending the life of a carpet but will also promote a healthy indoor environment. A vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning. Maintenance of commercial carpets is not expensive but one needs to clean it using easy cleaning methods on regular basis. The overall aesthetic appeal of the architecture is protected by scheduling a regular maintenance program.


Company Spotlight: Tarkett


Tarkett provides unique flooring solutions and a wide range of products to meet needs of different commercial, residential and sports facility installation. The product portfolio of Tarkett includes vinyl, linoleum, laminate, wood, carpet and athletic track. Tarkett understands what an individual strives for and offers different flooring experiences. For innovative and reliable flooring solutions, Tarkett is a leader across the world. This renowned manufacturer serves distinctive hospital, school, office, and sports fields every day with quality products. Keeping environmental safety in mind, Tarkett has designed an eco-innovation strategy.