Concrete floor tiles

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All About Concrete Tiles

With the ever increasing expense of daily life, it can become difficult to find money for home maintenance works. That is why more and more homeowners are now choosing concrete tiles. The recent growth in the construction industry has led to the transformation of concrete tiles into a preferred choice. With the help of concrete tiles, anyone can bring an elegance and sophistication to any living space in an economical way. Concrete tiles are handmade using the cement, minerals, sand, marble powder and hydraulic presses along with the help of natural pigments and natural components.    

Over time, concrete tile has made its way out of the kitchen and bathroom and has brought its unique style and warmth to every corner of architectural spaces. In fact, innovations and advancement in the construction industry have made concrete tiles one of the attractive home decor products. An idea which was earlier far-fetched.  Concrete tiles give homeowners the comforting option of getting a beautiful concrete floor appearance without actually pouring, dying or staining the real thing.

Concrete tiles are typically non-slip, which means consumers can walk barefoot over these even when the floor is wet. Concrete tiles are also eco-friendly as there is no natural resource or fossil fuel used to dry and harden them. Concrete tiles can be classified into three main categories based on their colour, surface, and aggregates. While looking for the concrete tiles on the basis of the surface in the market, polished, stamped, scored and sealed concrete tiles remain popular. Based on the colour pattern, concrete tiles could be classified as stain reactive and non-reactive. 

Concrete tiles require little maintenance. In reality, no tiles are absolute maintenance free. It is just some require little more maintenance than others. One needs to clean concrete tiles weekly to get rid of stains and dirt. Consumers can use the high-pressure water wash, cleaning solution and soft brush to clean tile design. As concrete tiles are water absorbent, they must be treated with sealant to prevent breaking and chipping off. Every year concrete tile should be treated with sealant. Also, damaged concrete tiles could be replaced with the new ones. For this, consumers only require a crowbar to remove the old broken tile and then replace it with the new tile.  

Concrete tiles are eco-friendly but are also reasonably priced and durable as compared to other flooring options present in the tile market. Concrete tiles are also potentially customizable, so if consumers have any specifications, they could be incorporated by many concrete tile manufacturers. Also, with the changing times, concrete flooring is witnessing an increasing demand due to different colour patterns. The aggregate kind of concrete floors are dependent on the concrete mixtures which would determine the texture of its flooring. Concrete design tiles are a low maintenance flooring option, which gives one's interiors an elegant appeal.