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All about Door Canopies

Door canopies for front doors and other external doors serve both a utilitarian and decorative purpose. In addition to keeping the rain out and providing shade from the sun, door canopies can add a distinctive touch of elegance to the property. They are available in a variety of traditional and contemporary designs, and building designers and homeowners can also order customized door canopies to match existing architectural features.

Often, coordinated or complementary window canopies are installed along with door canopies. A window canopy is similar to a door canopy in offering shelter from the elements as well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a building. Like door canopies, window canopies come in a range of styles and can be customized to fit specified requirements.

Both door canopies and window canopies come in different projections; a projection is the distance between the building wall and the canopy’s front end. Door and window canopy projections can generally range from 1m to 4m, but it is possible to get a bespoke canopy projection to meet an exact required size. Canopies can be attached to the building wall, or can be free standing structures. The canopy covers can be transparent, opaque, or fitted with decorative cladding. The door and window canopy frames that are most commonly used are in white, black, and brown, but it is possible to order more customized colour shades.

Glass reinforced polyster (GPR) is a composite material that is widely used to manufacture door canopies and window canopies. It is lightweight, resilient, durable, and cost effective. GPR has been successfully tested to withstand different weather conditions and load specifications, and, once installed, a door and window canopy made of GPR will require little or no maintenance. Some manufacturers offer a 10 years warranty on their door canopies and window canopies, but, given the long-lasting nature of GPR and if correctly installed, many of these canopies are likely to provide a longer service life. Window and door canopies also come in wood, steel, and other materials, but these materials are less environmentally friendly than GPR and may require more maintenance.

To install window and door canopies, it is usually necessary for a surveyor to assess the property in question. Canopy companies will often provide for a free or paid survey, and this service covers selecting the right door and window canopy to suit a particular building structure and taking precise door and window measurements. The surveyor will also note any particular construction and design requirements that need to be considered for the door and window canopy installation and will give an overall cost estimate of the project. These approved details are then passed on to an installation team, and after the window and door canopies are made to order, they will install them on the site.

Some window and door canopies can also be installed by the buyers themselves, and come with brochures with detailed installation instructions. It is a plus for buyers to have some installation experience and some assistance with the installation.

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