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A chair is one of the most commonly used furniture in homes, offices and other types of commercial buildings. There are different types of chairs available for every space, purpose, style, décor and occasion. The product variety is pretty amazing and each type comes with its unique features, style and benefits as well.

The kind of chair chosen for a project is influenced by several factors including available space, shape and layout of a room, décor, cost calculations and purpose of use. Offering outstanding functional benefits, chairs also improve the aesthetic appeal of a space significantly. The important thing is to select the right type of chair for the right space to optimize the functional as well as aesthetic benefits.

Several types of materials are used to make chairs of different types. Among the most popular types are metal and wood. Common metal types used to make chairs are aluminum, steel, iron and chrome. When it comes to wood chairs, solid wood, reclaimed wood, oak, hardwood and cherry wood are the most popular choices available. In addition to metal and wood, plastic, natural fiber, leather and fabric are other prominent materials utilized for manufacturing chairs.

Available in a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, shapes, sizes and also with different characteristics, chairs fulfill every type of need. Innovative chair concepts and solutions strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Offering a timeless charm, modern chairs meet functional objectives with utmost ease. The architectural curvature of sophisticated chair designs adds a touch of elegance to a space in an inimitable way.

Highly versatile, chairs are easily adaptable for different environments. Reputed chair manufacturers focus on making chairs that compliment the natural body posture to ensure supreme comfort for the users. There are specially designed chairs for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, office spaces and industrial settings as well. Outdoor chairs can also be found that are capable of withstanding harsh and hostile weather conditions.


Manufacturer Spotlight : Arper SPA  


Arper is a highly renowned Italian manufacturer of chairs, tables and other types of furnishings for homes, offices and other commercial buildings. Since its inception in 1989, this manufacturer has been offering innovative products using state of the art production processes to meet the ever evolving requirements of different customers.

Partnering with internationally acclaimed designers, Arper has introduced several path breaking chairs that embrace a perfect blend of form and function. With unrelenting commitment to excellence, Arper chairs have made their presence felt in more than 90 countries using a widespread network of dealers and agents.

Versatility of essential forms constitutes the design ethos of Arper. Their approach to chair manufacturing revolves around six core concepts including intuition, balance, color, light, family and play. This unique method of approach and a strong drive to embrace innovation play a critical role in making Arper a market leader among chair manufacturers in the world.


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