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All About Grilles


Grilles are effective protection structures consisting of a series of extremely strong metal bars - generally made of wrought or galvanized iron or steel - that are treated to increase their resistance to cutting. Grilles are typically used to separate two spaces with keeping airflow and visibility intact. These are designed with the most challenging quality controls to ensure they comply with the highest standards. These can be installed on the exterior or interior of any property. Decorative grilles are an ideal way of making doors and windows attractive. 

Security of both domestic and commercial properties is becoming increasingly important and considering the benefits of grilles, they are one of the most opted for security systems. Having grilles on doors or windows is a great way to add layers of protection. They offer the strongest and most durable physical barrier from the theft of highly valued possessions. Another important benefit of these grilles is that many of these allow the windows to be used for ventilation and not just as light sources. Unlike roller shutters, windows are still accessible. These are also more visually appealing than security metal bars. Installing security grilles further help one meet insurance requirements, hence lowering premium.

Grille manufacturing industry has been proficiently involved in offering quality products and versatile installation options. Various options are available in material used for grilles – these include aluminium, iron, metal, stainless steel and plastic. These are available to fit in rectangular, square or arch frames. Design possibilities are plentiful for grilles. Stylish designs of plant with leaves or interwoven intrinsic metal art forms have proved to improve aesthetics by several notches. These can either be installed permanently or attached to rollers for mobility. Having the grilles linked to an alarm system provides yet another layer of security.

Grilles are structures which are exposed to the outdoors and hence regular maintenance becomes inevitable. Daily maintenance include dusting and wiping with damp cloth. For longevity, it is recommended to inspect for any signs of damage and ensure all components remain tight and rigid. Check hinges and other fixings to ensure correct functioning. These should be cleaned using a non-abrasive sponge dampened with mild detergent. Refrain from using chloride cleaners as these may bleach the material. Metal grilles are susceptible to rust due to prolonged exposure to moisture from atmosphere. It is recommended to regularly lubricate the joints and grill.

Gone are the days when grilles used to make home feel like prison. In today’s world, many grilles are beautifully designed, allowing these elements to be used effectively to embellish both modern and old buildings. Each design with its ornamental work is perfect for a certain type of home and makes it elegant and charming, as well as secure. Animal motifs, elaborate art work and enthralling geometric shapes mark the window protection landscape. Grilles are available in a variety of colors to match any interior décor. A variety of finishes, from polished stainless steel to vibrant or dark stained exquisite metal grilles, are available.


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