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Home automation systems (49)

All About Home Automation System

A home automation system enables the control and operation of various home devices from anywhere. A home automation system is made of sensors, controlling devices and actuators. The sensors detect the sensing elements and send it to the main controlling device controllers. It receives the information and controls the actuators. Actuators are the final controlling devices which control the home equipment. The system connects controlled devices to a central hub, automating the technology control and management which can easily be accessed by end user. Thus, the smart home system is a great and simple solution to operate equipment from anywhere.


Home automation is also known as Smart Home. It makes the operation of appliances simple and convenient. The automation of a home is an energy saving concept of networked devices that assists in making homes more comfortable, efficient and secure. As it involves the control of all devices, these become easily accessible with the touch of a button. Devices such as lighting equipment or appliances, electrical outlets, audio/video systems, security systems, kitchen appliances, heating and cooling systems etc. can be easily controlled by automated system. Thus, for older people and disabled individuals it becomes easier to operate equipment.


There are various popular products for a home automation system available in the market today. However, the usage depends on the type of controls such as wired or wireless. An automated thermostat, electrical timer, advanced motion sensor, authentic remote switch, automated water level controller and versatile float switch are some of the smart devices that help in accessing the control remotely.


Regular maintenance for a home automation system lets the user enjoy their systems for longer. Maintenance includes updating software on all devices and downloading a backup of the programming sequence. Batteries should be tested regularly to see if any change is required. All features including automated blinds/drapes, automated doors etc. should also be tested. There are other potential issues such as heat or network settings which also need to be addressed properly. In order to achieve the best output from a home automation system, proper maintenance is crucial. Thus, it is important to repair and replace any defective items found during the maintenance period itself.


Earlier automation was confined only to commercial buildings and luxurious homes. But with advancement in technology and increasing demand, home automation is within reach for those individuals who want to make a truly smart, intuitive home.


Homes with a high degree of automation make it easy to control devices just with the fingertips. The range of controls allows one to turn a device on or off according to need and preferences. Home automation systems simply make home run better and more conveniently. Another important aspect is that home automation makes homes more secure. With home automation, control and automation for any device and appliance can easily be used. Also, home automation provides energy savings by working efficiently and thus saving money and providing overall convenience.