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All about Hydromassage Tubs


Hydromassage tubs refer to bath tubs that utilize high pressure water jets to offer curative benefits of hydrotherapy. Hydromassage offers several positive effects on human mind and body including pure relaxation, enhanced skin clarity and detoxification. Offering a therapeutic bath in the comfort of home, these types of tubs improve the quality of life tremendously.

The combination of heat, massage and water creates a symphony of pressurized water and effervescent bubbles that stimulates circulation of blood throughout the body of the user. Hydromassage is fundamentally a treatment rather than an experience. Opening and cleaning skin pores, hot water offers a refreshing and invigorating cleansing effect on the human skin.

With the help of combined sensations of targeted massage and soft effervescence, modern hydromassage tubs provide ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation for mind and body of the user. Another key aspect of a hydromassage tub is that it soothes and relives muscle and joint pain. This type of massage tub also reduces body temperature to promote sound sleep.

Hydromassage tub features numerous different sizes, designs and colors, along with varying features and functions that can be selected. Using electro blower with adjustable speed, sophisticated digital hydromassage tubs offer an optimized micro-diffused massage experience. Modern tubs are equipped with a refined disinfection system that makes maintenance extremely easy. Other important features of sophisticated tubs include heater, underwater light spot, air clean system and level sensor.

Another remarkable aspect of a hydromassage tub is the automatic recirculation of water. Temperature control and disinfection systems reduce water squandering to maintain water unspoiled on the tub for more than a week. Further to this, the remote control features make hydromassage tub operation extremely simple.

Robustly designed, hydromassage tubs are highly moisture resistant and exceptionally durable as well. Noise-free operation can be associated with modern hydromassage design solutions. Moreover, these types of tubs strike an ideal balance between harmonious design and wellbeing. In addition to the contemporary and stylish design that hydromassage tubs offer as hydrotherapy spa solution, they can be customized according to the unique needs and preferences of every individual user.

With varying numbers of jets and pumps, different hydromassage tub options can be found on the market that fulfill the psychophysical wellbeing needs of different people. There are high quality hydromassage tubs available today that generate inspiring waves of adjustable intensity in a consistent manner. Soft frame encloses ideal ergonomics for optimal relaxation and comfort for the users. Offering excellent toning and relaxing effects, hydromassage tubs help users achieve a perfect energy balance that enhance the overall wellbeing in an unprecedented way.       

There is nothing more comforting and revitalizing than stepping into the steaming water available in a hydromassage tub and reveling in the soothing and inspiring multisensory massaging effects of hot tub jets. When all these benefits are taken into consideration, it becomes easy to understand ever increasing popularity of hydromassage tubs. 


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