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Light wells (11)

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All about Light wells

Light wells transmit natural light and ventilation to interior spaces that would otherwise need to employ artificial illumination and ventilation. The flow of natural light and air to these areas is managed through vertical or inclined shafts that open at roof level and lead straight down to the ground, sometimes extending down several storeys. The light well shafts may be kept open to the elements at the top, covered with a security grill, or fitted with a glazed cover.

A well-lit central space is created in the building, and windows and doorways opening into this central space can help conduct light and air into the further recesses of the building interior. The walls facing the light well may be built with glazed, reflective bricks, panelled with aluminium, or painted white to maximize the amount of natural light transmission in the interior space. The central space, if it is going to remain open to the elements, is usually fitted with drainage for rainwater, and can be transformed into an interior garden.

Installing light wells can increase the value of a property as, along with saving electricity costs, they enhance the appearance of the interior and create a congenial atmosphere for visitors. Numerous studies show that people tend to fare better, mentally and physically, and be more productive in a natural light environment than in one with artificial lighting; exposure to natural light increases the production of the melatonin and cortisol hormones, and this ramps up the general sense of well-being. As an increasing number of buildings are designed to be harmonious and efficient living spaces, many architects and interior designers now pay particular attention to using as much natural light as is possible throughout building interiors.

The concept of light wells is not a modern one though. Light wells have long been utilized in many traditional homes in India; these dwelling types often have a central courtyard with rooms arranged around it and opening into it. Similar architectural designs featuring light wells can be seen in ancient buildings constructed by the Egyptians, the Minoans, the Greeks, and the Romans. Living in a sun-drenched atmosphere is something people from different cultures have long aspired to and enjoyed over the centuries.

By employing decorative covers or decoratively designed top openings, it is possible to use light wells to create interesting and patterned light effects. For instance, using oval, circular, triangular, or rectangular light wells, with chequerboard, geometric, or leaf patterned opening designs. These will let in a diffused natural light and will provide the interior space with a restful and soothing atmosphere. Light wells can also be used to give small and narrow spaces a less cramped feel.

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