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All about Office Chairs

Office chairs support employees in different ways. Office chairs for instance give help in resting one’s back or neck, and can even offer foot support. Office chairs are available at many prices and in many different shapes and sizes.

Office chairs also have many particular movement functions such as swivel or revolving. A swivel chair for example may have a central leg that allows it to be revolved 360 degrees. In other cases, a chair may be equipped at its base with a hydraulic cylinder. A hydraulic cylinder or gas lift is used to raise or lower the chair. Many office chairs are also equipped with wheels so that employees can move about easily while seated in their chair.

The Ergonomics of an office chair are essential – in particular the height and adjustability. Typically, office chairs also provide arm support. There are two kinds of arm support one can typically observe with these types of chairs. These are fixed and flexible arms. Fixed arm support is also called as C-Type armchairs. Flexible arms of course respond to user demand.

Any chair that has been brought from a reliable brand should have a lifespan of 3 to 4 years easily. But there are certain times when these chairs also face problems. The usual problem that is observed in these chairs is damage to the wheelbase and the wheels themselves. Wheelbases are made with a chrome or steel material and sometimes these materials will fall prey to the pressure. Hydraulic gas lifts also often face problems if not maintained properly.

Today’s office chairs can give the office a completely different look. Gone are those days when office chairs looked monotonous. The latest chairs are designed with function and style in mind. From fabric to the wheelbase, everything is crafted with utmost perfection to impart a unique look.

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