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All About Reception Desks

A reception desk is an important piece of office furniture which is placed in the waiting room or the entrance room of an office. When a person who may be a client visits an office, the first person he/she  interacts with is the receptionist sitting in the reception area. Front desk staff are served with a variety of tasks. A receptionist not only welcomes office visitors but also helps to keep everything well organized. It is therefore essential to select the right reception desk as this will help in keeping  essentials in an orderly manner. Employees will thus not face any kind of difficulty in finding documents which have been sent by the clients. Nowadays reception desks are available in many different designs, shapes, and colors. These tend to have modern look and come at an affordable price.

A reception desk placed in the reception area helps to greet a company’s customers, and furthermore it is the place where a person can inquire about the company. It is used for answering the telephone calls, scheduling appointments, dealing with financial transactions and more. Among all the different types of office furniture specified,  a reception desk is among the most important. Normally it is the very first thing one notices while entering the office. It serves as a hub of interaction as well between employees and visitors. A well designed and attractive reception desk helps in creating a good first impression.

With reception desks, different varieties are available on the basis of shape, type of material, size, color etc. On the basis of shape options available are single surface, L-shape, U-shape, round and ADA reception desks. Single surface reception desks are most commonly used at restaurants; these have a single writing surface. L-shaped reception desks are small in size and consist of the main desk and a return, which offers the receptionist with extra space. U-shaped reception desks can be used by more than one receptionist at a time. On the basis of material used options available are wood, metal, glass, concrete and plastic. Wooden reception desks can are particularly popular as they offer a classic yet natural look. One is advised to buy the right quality wooden desk as quality will determine how long it will last. Metal office desks are typically made with metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and more.

With a wooden desk, regular cleaning is required. Using a cloth, the table’s top can be wiped to remove dust particles. Office employees may be asked to make use of coasters to avoid marks or stains. If any stain is found, try to clean it as soon as possible as with time it will become more difficult to remove. Encourage employees to follow a clean desk policy and make use of desk pads while writing. This will help in avoiding any kind of scratches on the surface of the table. Professional cleaning services can be opted for occasionally as part of care.

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