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Outdoor cushions (20)

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All About Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushions add more comfort to outdoor furniture pieces such as bench and lounge chairs. The right outdoor cushion not only helps in enhancing the look of a furniture item but also helps in providing comfort and warmth. Uncomfortable deck chairs and other furniture can be easily made comfortable by using outdoor cushions.

Outdoor cushions are designed to withstand changes in weather. These cushions are UV ray resistant as well as water resistant. Outdoor cushions help in adding a high level of comfort, providing a stylish as well as comfortable space for sitting, lounging and relaxing. With outdoor cushions, a variety of fabrics, designs and colors are available. High-quality materials are used along with the modern printing technologies to ensure cushions are durable

Different types of upholstery fabric options for outdoor cushions include sunbrella, cotton canvas, duck cloth, texteline, olefin fiber, vinyl etc. Vinyl is perhaps the most durable and easy to clean as well. With cotton canvas, one can get a variety of prints and colors, but these are not water resistant. In areas of high temperature, texteline can be the ideal fabric. Sunbrella is a highly breathable fabric and offers a great feel. Some filling options available are compressed polyester foam, polyester fiberfill foam, polyurethane foam, open cell foam, closed cell foam. Compressed polyester foam is very economical and doesn’t degrade like traditional foam.

One can increase the shelf life of outdoor cushions by providing periodic maintenance. It is advisable to brush off cushions on regular basis with a soft brush or sponge. If the fabric of the cushion is water resistant, then one can give it a quick rinse off. Do not submerge or drench while doing so. If accidentally any kind of spill occurs, then make sure to wipe it off immediately by using a damp cloth and mild soap. After cleaning make sure to dry cushions thoroughly.

Company Spotlight: Trona

In today’s era, Trona is a leading player and offers luxury products. When it comes to taste, Trona is an ambassador and is a status symbol as well. With Trona, one can find versatile styles and designs when it comes to outdoor cushions. Trona is a well-known company acclaimed for providing high-quality products. Their products have their own unique designs and excellent quality. With Trona one can get a wide range of customized designs as well. Considering the nature of fabrics, cuts and design patterns, Trona stands out from the rest in the outdoor cushion market.

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