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Outdoor fireplaces

Find products and manufacturers of outdoor fireplaces products. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on availability, material, characteristics, type, use, installation and brands.

All About Outdoor Fireplaces

On a cold winter night, sitting out on the lawn is a nice experience but the temperature may not make it comfortable. An outdoor fireplace is the perfect solution to this issue. An outdoor fireplace is similar to an indoor fireplace in all ways but with the only difference being that of the location. Outdoor fireplaces further enhance the aesthetic effect outside of the house.

Outdoor fireplace can also be used for cooking, unlike an indoor fireplace that is primarily used for heating. Outdoor cooking becomes easier with an outdoor fireplace. Homeowners can create meals such as pizzas with the help of one. Apart from that, outdoor fireplaces are an entertaining element with a delightful crackling sound. Even the construction of the outdoor fireplace is different compared to an indoor fireplace. The difference is primarily in the built structure as these outdoor units are constructed by adding a stone, brick, or concrete patio alongside. It often consists of two parts - namely a firebox and a chimney.

Outdoor Fireplace can be of 4 specific types. These are the Propane fuel fireplace, Gel Fuel Fireplace, Wool fuel Fireplace and Electric Fireplace. The electric fireplace is perhaps the most convenient and easy to operate. Generally constructed out of stainless steel or aluminum or carbon fiber, these electric outdoor fireplace units are extremely attractive, look inviting and are compatible with harsh winters. Being ash and fume free makes these an extremely good and environmentally friendly choice.

One of the parts of the firebox is typically constructed with a smoke shelve incorporated into it. Straight Firebox designs are also quiet a common choice that are accompanied along with a chimney draft. An outdoor fireplace may not need to be cleaned as often as an indoor fireplace. But it will need to be cleaned in order to prevent ash build up. There are various types of the outdoor fireplaces. In particular, fireplaces made of brick or stone are particularly popular. 

Company Spotlight: Safretti

Safretti has been a well-known name among the best custom designed firebox systems for both outdoor and indoor purposes for over decades now. They are known for the unique designs and high-quality finishes. Stylish, modern and trustworthy are some of the adjectives that might be used to describe Safretti designs. Custom designed with a very sophisticated and high definition look, Safretti has been the first choice for fireplace installations. Authentically captivating and exclusive Safretti designs are perhaps the main reason why they are the first choice for outdoor fireplace units.

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