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Outdoor lighting is an excellent addition to any exterior part of a building or space. In addition to illuminating an outdoor space or building, outdoor lighting brings in a layer of safety and also accentuates the building architecture splendidly. There are numerous outdoor light choices to select from: pendant, wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lights, façade lights, in-ground lights, bollard lights, outdoor LEDs, street lights, garden lights, floodlights and spot lights. Every type of lighting has different subcategories with their own unique features and benefits. 

ased on design, style, material, lighting source, characteristics and installation, outdoor lighting classification can be done in several ways. When it comes to choosing an outdoor lighting solution, utility and need are the most important factors to consider. If prime consideration is to illuminate an entryway, most suitable lighting options are wall mount lights, hanging lights and flsh mount lights.

Modern landscape lighting solutions improve the curb appeal and also illuminate the area with optimal effects. Coverage of landscape lighting can be maximized by leveraging ambient, task and accent lighting solutions. Understanding the space and needs is extremely important to create an appealing and optimally functional lighting plan. 

Multiple little lights are widely used in gardens and pathways to make overall ambiance inviting. There are also specially designed exterior garage lighting products that offer an extra layer of security. Available in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, materials and characteristics, outdoor pendant lights offer different types of luminous settings. There are also diverse outdoor wall light products available nowadays with varying color temperatures, optics and power.     

Outdoor floor lights are extensively used, especially in swimming pools and fountains to create several visual points of attraction. Innovative in-ground outdoor lights are perfect for contour and path illumination in large areas including malls and pedestrian zones. Bollard lights work as light posts with simple discreet designs that can be installed on the ground. Other popular indoor lighting products such as outdoor LED, street lights, façade lights, flood lights and step lights can also be found in different styles, designs, colors and characteristics.   

Further to this, indoor lighting products can be classified into different categories based on construction. Most common options are canopy, floodlight, linear, wall pack and pole-mounted. There are loads of different outdoor lighting types to suit the size or style of different properties and spaces. In order to fulfill the exclusive needs of the customers, renowned outdoor lighting manufacturers also offer customized lighting solutions.

Most people prefer energy efficient outdoor lighting fixtures today because these types of lighting solutions help them save substantial quantity of energy and money in the long run. Offering appreciable accessibility and safety to building exteriors and other outdoor spaces, innovative outdoor lighting products create a pleasing visual impact that enhances the overall ambiance.


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