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Power sockets (131)

Find products and manufacturers of power sockets. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on availability, material, configuration, installation, features, colour and brands. Read more
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All About Power Sockets

A power socket is a deviced placed on a wall and which is used to plug in electric equipment. Sockets differ from each other in terms of voltage, shape, size etc. Across the world, different standards of these sockets are used and in an old building, various obsolete types of sockets can also be found. Sockets have openings which are used for holding different types of electrical equipment. With some sockets, it is also possible to connect different types of plugs.

With the tremendous growth in constructions and different development activities, there is a huge demand for these power sockets. Advanced sockets are really easy to install at different settings and offer different attractive features. Features include dustproof, fireproof and waterproof, making these sockets risk free and convenient to use.

Power sockets are available in different types. These are categorized on the basis of power rate, region of use, end-user requirements etc. On the basis of power rate, available options are high, low and medium power. Two, three, four, and five pin chargers are available if one is looking for variety in different types of sockets. Depending on different end-users these are available for residential, commercial and industrial use. Power sockets are classified by region as North America, LAMEA, Europe etc.

Though these sockets are mostly dust proof, it is advisable to clean them using a light brush to remove if any kind of dust particle is present. Avoid overloading of sockets to ensure the best safety. it is best to make use of only one socket extension per socket. This will help sockets to work in an efficient manner for a longer duration. At regular intervals of time make sure there is no hot plastic like smell near the socket and no melted plastic is accumulated on its outer surface. Checking these things will help a person to ascertain sockets are in right condition. It should be ensured that a device which is plugged-in is not causing much strain on the power socket. Periodically, one can take help from professionals as technical experts have better knowledge to check power sockets and identify if there is any fault.

Company Spotlight: Legrand

Legrand is the leading manufacturer for electrical installations and offers the best solutions for different residential, commercial and industrial building usage. This manufacturer is a specialist of these products around the world. Legrand can offer customers a wide range of power sockets and are known for providing smart solutions to meet the needs of the individual person in the best possible manner. Legrand is highly customer-centric and always understands what different customers are looking for. On the basis of customers needs, this renowned manufacturer looks for innovative ways to add value and deliver products which are easy to install and can serve continuously.