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All About Toilets


Present in every home or occupied building, toilets are usually made of ceramic, plastic, wood or concrete materials. These materials are strong enough to bear the weight of a human being sitting on them. In domestic places, toilets are fixed in the enclosed bathrooms whereas in commercial places , toilets are often arranged side by side with a partition in between.

The main benefit of a toilet is hygiene. Clean and safe toilets are considered as prerequisites for dignity, education, privacy and most importantly health.

There are different models of toilets available in the market. A toilet with a pedestal is often referred as a western toilet which is much more convenient for the users. The classification of a toilet can also be broken down into flush types - in particular flush toilets and dry toilets. With flush toilets, water is used to flush whereas dry toilets discharge waste into a pit. Dry toilets were invented to decrease the usage of water and is an advanced technology. There are several different types of advanced toilets with cleaners and dryers also.

The main problem that any toilet usually is overflowing. The blockage in the toilet tank is the reason for this overflowing. Regular servicing will reduce the chances of an overflowing toilet. Sometimes people observe partial flushing in the toilet due to a flapper that lowers too quickly. It is better to adjust the chain or replace the flapper in such situations. The best way to maintain toilets is to have them periodically serviced.

There are many different modern toilets which are designed to match the interior of modern bathrooms. With odor seal technology and many other benefits, toilets are increasingly adding aesthetic appeal to the house.


Spotlight Company : Geberit


Geberit is a leading manufacturer of sanitary parts in Europe. It is a Swiss multinational group which was founded in Rapperswil, Switzerland in the year of 1874. The company is a top player in manufacturing sanitary parts in Europe and it has a commendable name and reputation in other countries around the world. Geberit brings the best in class products of high quality to the customers.