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All About Room Dividers

A room divider is a partition, or a furniture piece placed in a room to divide it into separate areas. Room dividers are made from materials such as wood, fabric, metal, plastic, linen or cotton canvas. Room partitions or dividers function as shifting walls which can be moved anywhere for area separation. These are usually used by interior designers to provide a decorative touch to a space. Architects use room dividers to divide spaces into separate areas.  Room dividers are versatile in nature and can differentiate space or enhance the beauty of the room.

Room dividers are often houses for dividing a space as well as a decorative piece. Room dividers add the privacy to the space, helping to hide clutter and increase storage and create coziness. In homes, commonly small dividers called shoji screen are used. These are tri-fold walls that are used to section off a room and create distinct spaces. In schools, dividers can be used to make temporary classrooms within larger rooms. Moreover, in hotels or restaurants room divider separate banquet rooms into smaller facilities. In offices, cubicle room dividers break larger spaces into subdivisions.

There are wide variety of room dividers available on the market which can be classified on the basis of size, shapes and materials, such as fabric, woven fibers, wood and metal. The different types of room dividers available in market are cubicle partitions, pipe and drape screens, shoji screens and walls. Plants, shelves or railings might also be used as dividers. Room dividers are functional, and a beautiful accent used to separate distinct spaces of a room.

Room dividers are made from materials that sometimes need repair. Repair work should be done gently to conserve the design and integrity of the screen. Further, to increase the long life and appearance of room dividers, cleaning is important. To clean dirt and spots, use a sponge with mild solution. Occasional vacuuming is recommended but for extreme damage, professional cleaning is best.

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