Rugs are a piece of thick material woven with fibers and put on the floor to cover specific area. Designer rugs made of synthetic materials are mostly used for decorating homes and offices. Rugs can be laid on the floor and define a structural layout, bringing in a touch of color, personality and texture. Larger rugs define a seating area in the living room and are a great way to reflect personal style and add comfort. These textural handcrafts provide intensive patterns, creating a cozy, inviting effect with bold dash of color that makes for great interiors.


Rugs are used for decorating a floor space and reflecting interior style. Rugs are available in bright, classic, contemporary colors and patterns can be used in a room to create contrast or to soften the look of the room. The vibrant colors and striking patterns of rugs can add interest and enhance the look of any space. They can enhance the style and dress up a bedroom, home office, dining room or bathroom. Rugs can made from wool, recycled plastic, jute, bamboo, silk and cotton blends in exclusive patterns and are available at budget-friendly prices. This makes the rug a perfect fit for any type of space.


There are various types of rugs categorized on the basis of weave, which determines its look and feel. There are tufted, hand woven, flat weave or braided rugs available in the market. In addition, rugs are also classified according to the fibers used such as wool, cotton, natural and synthetic fibers etc. Cotton, synthetic and wool rugs work well for larger areas such as bedrooms and living rooms, but for luxurious spaces, silk or fur options are best.


Proper care of rugs can help keep rugs fresh and vibrant for long time. Avoid exposing rugs to sun for too long as the color or dye can fade easily. To ensure proper maintenance, regular vacuuming is important. This can be done once a week to remove the dust, pollen or other particles trapped in the fibers. Spills and stains can be cleaned by blotting. Blot the stain gently with an absorbent cloth or tissue to prevent it from penetrating into the rug. To remove other hard strains, try to wipe them slowly with a damp mop to prevent damage to the fibers. Good professional help can also help to maintain the condition of rug. Rugs are not only beautiful, but also have a great utility value. with the decor, rugs keep the floor scratch free and protect flooring from wear and tear.


Thus, rug sets are ideal to add warmth, texture and interest to any space. Rugs are available in a variety of materials, prints and bright colors that perfectly turn a dull looking room into lively and refreshing space. These are visual delights which provide great warmth and coziness to the room. Rugs are versatile and can be moved anywhere easily to change the decor. Moreover, rugs are ideal for cushioning footsteps and reducing slips and falls. Discover gorgeous, unique and versatile flooring covered with rugs that also complements the furniture and reflect the style.


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