Terracotta floor tiles (13)

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All About Terracotta Tiles


When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for a room, there are various factors which are to be kept in mind. Things like lighting and color of the room play a vital role in bringing out the spirit of the space. There are various flooring options on the market which consumers can consider, but terracotta tiles are one of the cheapest and most attractive among them. Terracotta tiles have been used for centuries.

In fact, these are the only clay products which are used since the 14th century and are still in demand. Terracotta tiles are made from a special brown and red clay. Hence these tiles are often referred to as baked earth tiles. The clay material is molded into the desired shape and are allowed to dry. Once these tiles are dried, they are put onto fire either in a combustible pit or kiln, making the terracotta tiles durable and strong. Terracotta tiles could be used inside the house for giving the house a natural and eco-friendly look. These tiles are also a perfect choice to be used as garden tiles, and hence these terracotta tiles are known as a charm of the ancient worlds.

There are two types of terracotta tiles which consumers can find in the market. One is the glazed terracotta tile in which a glass or sealer coating is done to seal the pores of the tile and give it an attractive look. The other type is an unglazed tile in which sealers are not used. Terracotta tiles could be further classified under two subcategories of handmade terracotta tiles and machine-made terracotta tiles. The handmade terracotta tiles have different designs and textures as compared to the machine made terracotta tiles. In some of the handmade terracotta tiles, you might even find subtle organic traces such as bird footprints.


Company Spotlight: Marazzi


Marazzi is known for offering outstanding ceramic tiles to the flooring industry since 1935. Known for its environmental awareness as part of the manufacturing process, it is popular worldwide for using purest tile making ingredients. Leaving a signature identity everywhere its products are used, Marazzi sets excellent standards for the other counterparts in the tile manufacturing industry. Based primarily in Modena, Italy, this manufacturer produces more than 5,500 products porcelain stoneware, crystallized stoneware and single-fired, as well as mosaics, marble, granite and natural stones. Due to high quality aesthetic and technical perseverance, its products are popularly being used in public spaces. Consumers can always receive a unique range of products embracing different shapes, sizes, designs and best quality materials according to their preference through Marazzi.