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All about Turkish Baths


A Turkish bath or hammam refers to a hydrotherapy treatment using hot steam to enhance overall well being of a human being. The sense of wellbeing generated by a hammam is not limited to the psyche. Offering excellent physical as well as mental health benefits, Turkish baths work as an ideal remedy for uncomfortable physiological reactions and stress. The hot steam used in this type of purifying bath creates a soothing effect on mind and body to heal a variety of disorders.

The blood vessel dilation benefits of Turkish baths increase circulation to generate a positive tonic effect on the body. Offering deep cleansing and purification of skin, these types of baths provide elastic, soft and glowing skin, along with maximum protection against dermatitis and acne. A Turkish bath is an outstanding solution for managing and healing localized pains and aches due to its outstanding efficiency in transporting oxygen to damaged areas.

Several people are suffering from persistent cold symptoms that create a congesting effect on chest and nose. The heat generated by the Turkish baths relieves the congestion on chest and nose to eliminate unwanted mucous. Stimulating sweat glands, hammams expel toxic elements available in the body and restore optimal physical health. Suitable for all ages, these types of baths offers amazing cleansing, relaxing and therapeutic benefits for the users.

Turkish baths are available in different styles, designs, features and colors, along with numerous finishing options. The most popular choices are hammam and sauna merged into one, standalone Turkish bath. Various materials are used to construct Turkish baths and the features also vary between manufacturers. Focusing on maximum relaxation, modern hammam design solutions incorporate features such as water fall, vertical showerhead, vertical hydro jets and nebulizers.        

Purchasing a suitable Turkish bath requires careful consideration of several aspects. The most important factors include quality and quantity of the steam generated, control of lime scale and energy consumption. Another key aspect is that the placement of a steam generator can be done outside or inside a Turkish bath cubicle. A suitable location can be chosen based on the available space and design preferences.

Sophisticated Turkish bath design concepts combine the benefits of color therapy, hydromassage, aromatherapy and music to deliver ultimate relaxation and enhance the overall experience. The cleansing effect gets rid of impurities to make skin soft and supple and also provide a healthy glow to the skin. Relaxing properties of a Turkish bath are certainly one of the most effective therapies to combat stress and anxiety. In addition to offering relaxation, hammam is a pleasant way of toning up the body and enhancing its look. Last but not the least; therapeutic benefits of hammams optimize health by controlling blood pressure and respiratory ailments.


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