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All about Turnstiles


Turnstiles are mechanical gates comprising revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post that allows only one-person access at a time. In other words, it forms the gateway to a visitor’s destination. The word “turnstile” is derived from the word “stile” which describes the fencing used for livestock. Also known as the baffle gate, it allows the passage only to people who insert a coin, ticket, pass or card. Thus, turnstiles offer a reliable and efficient method to ensure only authorized users are allowed access to each area of a building. 

A turnstile can be used to access public transport, a pay toilet or to restrict access to authorized people in an office premises. Turnstiles are also used to count the number of people passing through and control the amount of people entering through a point. They are used in wide variety of settings such as stadiums, office lobbies, amusement parks, airports, factories, power plants, casinos or subway terminals. Turnstiles give an accurate count of attendance, counting the numbers of people passing through a gate. From a security standpoint, these keep a clear account of each patron. Thus, turnstile improve security and integrate easily with facility access control and visitor management systems.

There are three main types of turnstiles: waist-high, optical and Roto-gates. A waist high turnstile allows security personnel to have a clear view of each person and is used in fairs, attractions, and arenas. Optical turnstiles offer a more hands-free method of pedestrian control. Roto-gates operate similarly like a revolving door that can rotate in both directions, allowing two-way traffic.

With proper maintenance, turnstile life can be extended. However, turnstiles require scheduled inspections and repairs to prevent unexpected break downs such as vehicle impact, adverse weather conditions and wear and tear. As many visitors pass through them, continued maintenance is vital. In order to maintain their pleasing look, clean turnstiles regularly. Surfaces should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaners as these may cause damage or marks. Check for dents, scratches and parts that are damaged. Use a synthetic grease to lubricate the moving parts of machine at least once a year. Such maintenance will greatly improve the longevity and durability of turnstiles.

To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities, the best option is to use turnstiles to control the visitor access. Turnstiles enhance security, integrate easily with facility access control and increase operational flexibility. With the many types, features and options, turnstiles easily meet requirements and enhance the security of today’s modern business facilities.

Nowadays, security is a rising concern. There is a growing demand for smart and secure hospitality-based entry solutions. To ensure safety for valuable information, people or property, companies are recognizing the need for better security. One such company featured is Boon Edam in Amsterdam. The company manufactured the first revolving door that meets requirements concerning sustainability, security and service. It is the leading supplier of revolving doors and security access solutions for office buildings, airports, healthcare facilities, hotels and many other types of places.

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