Washbasin double-handle mixer taps


All about Washbasin Double Handle Mixer Taps


A washbasin double handle mixer tap refers to a tap system that controls the temperature of the water flowing out of a tap. It combines cold and hot water feeds to come out through a single spout that can be managed using two handles. Plumbing contractors, home owners and architects are inspired to select washbasin double handle mixer taps - especially when a sleek and contemporary look is desired.

In addition to offering a sophisticated look, washbasin double handle mixer taps ensure a controlled flow to make water consumption feasible. These types of tap systems are available in different styles, designs and shapes including free standing, wall mounted, built-in, countertop and floor mounted options. It is always advisable to check the specifications to know more about the utility and suitability of double handle mixer taps. The most important specifications that need to be checked are weight, spout projections, base diameter and pressure capacity.   

Metal is the most common material used to make washbasin double handle mixer taps. There are also mixer taps made using ebony, stoneware and glass. The number of holes also varies with different brands and models. One of the most remarkable features of mixer taps with a double handle is a pull-out spray that is extendable. This feature widens the working radius considerably. 

Washbasin double handle mixer taps come with different finishes including traditional chrome, nickel PVD, platinum matt, polished chrome, brushed bronze and many more. There are also highly sophisticated taps, equipped with standard supply and filtered water in one tap.

In addition to these functional benefits, the aesthetics of a bathroom or kitchen can be best enhanced with innovative and creative mixer tap designs. Some of the washbasin double handle mixer tap designs are exquisite and elegant which represent beauty in a line, to be experienced with the eyes and hands.    


Manufacturer Spotlight : Fantini


Fantini, as a manufacturer of highly sophisticated and strikingly innovative washbasin double handle mixer taps has a unique position among leading washbasin mixer taps manufacturers in the world. At Fantini, creative contribution and technological innovation are combined to deliver tap systems that have managed to earn international acclaim consistently.  

The product line of Fantini is really vast with different types of extremely functional and aesthetically appealing washbasin mixer taps. Highly durable, Fantini washbasin mixer tap systems are environment friendly and affordable as well. Fantini have had their washbasin double handle mixer taps specified on a number of leading architectural projects. Their active participation and involvement in projects like ‘100 Fontane – Fantini for Africa’ clearly reflects the social commitment of this manufacturer.


With a history dating back to 1947, Fantini has been a well known manufacturer and supplier of high quality washbasin taps. This manufacturer blends innovation, design and technology to create outstanding washbasin double handle mixer tap solutions that embrace all good aspects of modernity and tradition.  


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