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All About Wind Power

Wind power uses the natural air present in the atmosphere and converts it into mechanical energy through a wind turbine for generating electricity. In other words, it is a form of energy conversion in which kinetic energy is converted into mechanical or electrical energy. It is a sustainable and renewable clean source of energy that serves as an alternative to burning fossil fuels. Wind power offers variable power but when combined with electric power it gives a reliable supply.


For along time, wind power from windmills has been used for grinding grain and pumping water. Nowadays, commercial usage has increased as the wind turbines produce electricity through an electrical generator, making the energy more useful in many applications. Wind turbines are grouped together forming wind farms, which produce a large energy source. The energy from wind has many economic benefits as it supports the local economy and reduces dependence on imported energy. It also offers many environmental benefits such as reducing pollutant emissions. Thus, wind power is a non-polluting resource that creates no air pollution and is beneficial for public health, environment and the economy.


Various options for wind power are windmill or wind turbines which are used for the production of electric power. Nowadays, wind farms connect many wind turbines together for electric power transmission network. Onshore and offshore, wind is used as a source of electric power to feed energy to isolated locations.


The wind turbine, which uses wind power to generate electricity for individual homes, farms and small businesses needs repair and maintenance at regular intervals. Many times the location of wind plant effects the service. Turbines set up at the windiest sites take more strain than at calmer sites and result in blade damage. The blades need to be repaired and re-installed to function properly. The replacement or repair of the main shaft, generator or other critical components should be done to get the turbine back up and running as soon as possible. Thus, repair and maintenance includes the wind generator repair, generator unit exchange, up-tower or other components that assures safe and quality service.


When it comes to aesthetics, a few find wind turbines to be graceful sculptures whereas others view them as an eyesore that compromises the natural landscape. Nevertheless, when turbines are arranged in proportion, they can create a pleasing effect to the landscape, while the remaining land can be used for a variety of productive purposes such as livestock grazing and agriculture. 


Wind power is certainly on of the cleanest and most sustainable renewable sources to generate electricity as it produces no toxic pollution. It accounts for about 2.5% of total worldwide electricity production and is growing at a promising rate of 25% per year. Wind turbines yield energy savings and protect homeowners from power outages. Overall, the source of wind energy is abundant, inexhaustible and affordable, which makes it the best alternative to fossil fuels. Thus, the future of wind energy seems promising as it is an ideal energy source for a sustainable power supply.