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Project • By Maffeis EngineeringExhibition Centres

New Entrance Re Teodorico

The “New Entrance Re Teodorico” entrance plaza on the south side of the Veronafiere Trade Show grounds, an international leader in the agriculture and agro-food sector, hosting 45% of Italian trade shows in their two fields. More than 87% of Veronafiere’s turnover is generated by its organized exhibitions. The project is a steel roof structure, L-shape in plan, that extends over an area of 6,750 square meters. The design is based on merging the two concepts of an undulating veil and an organic surface. The wavy effect was created with high and low points in the structure, that are required for drainage. The organic shape was created by using a Voronoi pattern highlighting diversity as a visual effect. The macro modules wi... More

Project • By AxolightPrivate Houses

Cloudy kids room

A project by designer and artist Natalia Chetverikova featuring our beautiful Cloudy lamps designed by Dima Loginoff  More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaAikido


Aikido is a dining table of essential design which becomes protagonist of daily life and of any space thanks to its warm and prestigious materials. The single base matches with the round, oval or square top while the double base completed by the rectangular or shaped top is the ideal solution for big home spaces and meeting rooms.  More

Project • By Moreno Farina StudioApartments

Penthouse at the sea

The residence is a newly constructed penthouse by the sea. Our advice was requested when the building was under construction. We intervened with a partial internal redistribution and assisted the Clients in the choice of finishes and furnishings. The guiding star of our work has been the Client’s strong wish to be able to enjoy the environment with a refined atmosphere and at the same time fresh and informal, which recall the proximity to the beach and the sea in with the light amplified through natural textures and with space for furnishing elements with a strong personality. Among the white vertical surfaces, the back wall of the kitchen corner stands out, completely covered in precious multicolored Vietrese majolica tiles by France... More

Project • By Moreno Farina StudioApartments

"We should all have a seaview life"

At the first inspection, the large apartment located on the top floor of a building from the sixties appeared as a collection of large rooms where time had stood still; a dark and dismal environment despite the spaciousness, not only because of the winter light. The challenge was launched: to divide the large housing unit to obtain two units that, with half the space but multiplied light and functionality (without making changes to existing window surfaces!), conveyed through every detail the privileged feeling of staying at the beach. This project describes the unity that, organized in just 55 gross sqm, through the use of lines, colors and assembled surfaces to expand the spatiality, accompanies the visitor all the way from the entrance o... More

Product • By Plato DesignCromia colored concrete wall lamp

Cromia colored concrete wall lamp

CROMIA is a minimalist wall lamp available in 12 different colors. Plato Design peculiar ultra-thin concrete is proposed in different colors to fit in every room. A high quality lighting is provided thanks to the internal diffuser. CROMIA lamp is designed and handmade in Italy in our workshop in Rome. We meticulously check the quality of materials to offer a unique reliable and durable product. See all available colors here. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MATERIAL: concrete, acrylic glassDIMENSIONS: 12.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm / 5"x5"x5"WEIGHT: 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbsBULB: G9 max 10W LED 90/250 V - 50/60 Hz / US and Canada wiring availableWIRING: hardwiredUSE: for indoor use only Light bulb not included. We recommend to use a G9 LED bulb. More

Project • By VISUAL DISPLAY - Interior / Identity / StoriesRestaurants

Vitello d'Oro restaurant since 1849

The oldest restaurant in town, opened since 1849, with a first-class cuisine recognized throughout the region and beyond, mainly oriented to seafood dishes. The restaurant is located in the historic city center, adjacent to the old fish market. The project involved the total renovation of the interior and part of the external façade, an intervention that restored the structure without altering it but rather bringing to light historical details previously hidden under plasterboard layers; like the second city wall, on which the restaurant rests, which is now one of the points of attraction in the restaurant's atrium. The original elements of the premises that were already visible, such as the Venetian terrazzo flooring and the wooden beams o... More

Product • By biliardi cavicchi il biliardo Campione del MondoKlimt Gold Leaf Pool Table

Klimt Gold Leaf Pool Table

The Billiard Klimt Gold Leaf is a pretige pool, a very important part of Exclusive billiards category made in Italy.This masterpiece Associated of technique and art, masterfully led by Cavicchi billiards, and the ultimate expression reserved for the historic style, embellished with gold leaf and painted by hand, with the technique in relief of the great Gustav Klimt.A unique billiard, created in Italy into the Studies and projects center Cavicchi as testimonial of professionalism, preparation and competence, that the Cavicchi wants to make available from its primary customers, always ready for new challenges and exciting executive, which enhance their passion and productive vocation, which draws its owners since 1938, and for... More

Product • By biliardi cavicchi il biliardo Campione del MondoPashà Gold Leaf and Panther

Pashà Gold Leaf and Panther

The art evolve the style and transform it in the Exclusive Luxury by Cavicchi recognized all over the World.The Form and the Art of Pashà billiard make a author piece of design unique and inimitable.Only a Precious and accurated artistic decoration,each time, that cover all the decorated relief surface and in Gold Leaf, can create the true magical sense of the art signed Cavicchi.BILIARDI CAVICCHI - Pashà Gold Leaf More

Product • By biliardi cavicchi il biliardo Campione del MondoSinfonia The Artistic Billiard Unique in the World

Sinfonia The Artistic Billiard Unique in the World

Cavicchi designed this pool table with the exclusive Boubinga Exotic Massive wood, among the finest wood in the world, that have a prolonged natural stagnation. In particular, the essence used for the organic design, which comes from an accurate research and attention from Biliardi Cavicchi that applied it in an artistic table pool for the first time in the world, boasts half a century of conservation and it allowed to generate a special accelerant “fossil” finish, together with multiple and rigorous phases of natural waxing and stabilizing, which helped to emphasize that exclusive table pool unique in the world.BILIARDI CAVICCHI - SINFONIA More

Product • By biliardi cavicchi il biliardo Campione del MondoOpera Murano Pool Table

Opera Murano

Cavicchi Opera Murano Billiard "unique piece" is a billiard of the exclusive category restyling of the Exclusive Opera Billiard by the Cavicchi Billiards. This pool table Unique and Exclusive unparalleled mix of art and technology driven with extreme professionalism and quality by billiard Cavicchi, is the maximum expression Reserved to the elegant Modern style, embellished with bases made ​​of Murano Crystal Fusion embellished with gold leaf inserted into the fusion of the crystal by learned "glassmakers" Venetians recognized around the world for their ancient technique and skills' arts.BILIARDI CAVICCHI - Opera Murano More

Product • By biliardi cavicchi il biliardo Campione del MondoPyramid Pool Table

Opera Pyramid Pool Table

From the creative "pencil" of the Arch. Giancarlo Cavicchi, the billiard table mod. Pyramid billiard an important evolutionary project with a "Diamond Cut" design, created by an elegant and high-performing "double shell" structure, supported by 6 metal bases with a full frame, designed by Cavicchi.The realization of the mod. Pyramid has put Cavicchi's master builders to the test, always looking for new and exciting engineering challenges, projected into the future.BILIARDI CAVICCHI - Pyramid More

Product • By biliardi cavicchi il biliardo Campione del MondoLACQUERED F1 Pool Table

" F1 Lacquered " Pool Table

LACQUERED F1 billiard can be made in any finish and lacquer on request, creating "unique pieces" inspired and branded by our prestigious clientele, finding its perfect location in luxury interior, where an exclusive "piece" of strong image and fabulous personality is required.BILIARDI CAVICCHI - F1 Lacquered More

Project • By Studio RinaldiHousing

Boltons Residence

Located in The Bolton’s, this three-storey apartment is Studio Rinaldi’s most recent residential interior project in London. Dark grey resin walls, a black steel beam, bright glass spaces and white pure fixtures sit among the otherwise classic wooden living spaces. The apartment is set inside the historic Bladon Lodge, originally built in 1836, where the client wanted to add another floor to their original apartment and a new, smaller guest flat. In order to maximise the space, the proposed new layout now comprises new and larger bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, a sports area, kitchen and several storage rooms. The design focuses on creating a better distribution of space throughout the home; thus, a new staircase was design... More