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Product • By Spaces BureauZAHA LIGHT 3- color chandelier

ZAHA LIGHT 3 color chandelier

ZAHA LIGHT three-colored triple chandelier(Publication: http://www.designideas.pics/zaha-light-kuzma-kuznetsov/)Laser-cut futuristic style ceiling chandelier with bionic avant-garde form and modern mandala designinspired by Zaha Hadid architecture. Know-how of this design is frameless soft plafonds.This chandelier will perfectly decorate private spaces such as:Child rooms, playrooms, teen rooms, contemporary design interiors, loft spaces, hallways, corridors, staircases etc.Also this chandelier ideally suitable for public spaces such as:restaurants, clubs, cafe, food courts, showrooms, art-spaces, co-workings, office receptions, meeting rooms, hotels lobby, boutiques etc.This chandelier will bring lightness and movement to space by ext... More


Landesmuseum Wiesbaden

The modernistic event building RheinMainCongressCenter (RMCC) of the architect Ferdinand Heide, recently finished, is standing in opposite of the neo-classicist Museum of the architect Theodor Fischer, built in 1915. DAY & LIGHT designed the lighting of both facades as well as the outdoor space, to create a town square lighting in a holistic way (except the street lighting).The lighting of both facades were coordinated to each other: The luminance and light colour contrast shows the layer structure and transparency of the RMCC - warmwhite on internal wooden surfaces and neutral white on the colonnades. This combination is reflected on the museum facade - warmwhite behind the colonnades and neutral white on the exterior surface.The facad... More

Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasBarrisol ELT 3D

Barrisol ELT3D®

The last Barrisol combines a textile fabric and LEDs, enabling a 3D luminous result with a great precision. Barrisol offers a wide rang of visual possibilities, endlessly adjustable according to your desires (diagnonally, crosswise, squarely, etc.). The positioning and distance of the RGB LEDs to the woven fabric determines the desired visual effect. An acoustic solution could complete any visual effects using a sound absorber integrated to the system. More