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Project • By Poly ProductsArt Galleries

Family Module

For the outdoor art exhibition Beaufort ’21, Poly Products has manufactured an unique object designed by Goshka Macuga: Family Module. A group of figures shows a small family scene. The unusual dimensions, 6m high, make this an impressive appearance at the Nieuwpoort Promenade in Belgium. At first glance the object seems incredible massive and heavy but looks are deceiving: the object is in fact very light and does not have a heavy foundation. Poly Products’ XXL-3D printing technique was key in making these objects. Start small and go big: 3D printing is the solution Base of the project were 3 small clay models, each 40cm high. The challenge was to enlarge these ten times without getting incredibly heavy. A digital approach, u... More

Project • By Barberio Colella ArchitettiUrban Green Spaces

Urban Dunes

Urban Dunes is a project which envisions a futurable solution to reduce the heat island effect for an extreme climate such as Abu Dhabi’s, where the harsh conditions felt across significant months of the year reduce the feasibility of normal external activities. The Italian design firm Barberio Colella Architects with architect Angelo Figliola have elaborated on a design proposal that started from the deep awareness of the climatic context of Abu Dhabi's and Emirates’ traditional architecture, such as elegant vaulted spaces, vernacular shading devices, and cold-water basins. The main architectural idea behind the project is to ideally lift up a thick layer of sand in order to create an urban “oasis”, which mixes pass... More

Project • By VOOODApartments


  Minimalistic noir & balanced microenvironment Shapes and principles of simplicity and functionality, characterized by few but interesting elements. Space free from objects, but filled with emotions.  Porcelain claddings with elegant and understated texture, balanced with fine accoustic pannels. Exceptionally raw wood. 3d printed pieces sharing details of geometry and proportion, with variation in the character. NASA large format telescope photos printed on wood-fibre-based wallpapers. Contrasting matte and raw textures create subtle differentiation between flat and contoured surfaces, for the eye and for the hand. More

Project • By Fokkema & Partners Architecten B.V.Offices


The start-up company Ampelmann has grown into a mature, international provider of safe offshore access solutions. Wanting to reflect the innovative and energizing character of the company and to secure close collaboration between departments, Ampelmann was in search of a new office. They asked Fokkema & Partners Architecten to develop a workplace concept, to support finding a location and to design the new head office for the engineers, supporting teams and the board. At a bend in the river Schie, on the edge of the old city center of Delft, a dilapidated laboratory building from the eighties has been transformed into a perfect fit. Key was to uncover and enhance the hidden spatial qualities. Extraordinary spaces have been complemen... More

Project • By Michael HansmeyerCemeteries

Digital Grotesque

Digital Grotesque is the first fully immersive, solid, human-scale, enclosed structure thatis entirely 3D printed out of sand. This structure, measuring 16 square meters, ismaterialized with details at the threshold of human perception. Every aspect of thisarchitecture is composed by custom-designed algorithms.The combination of additive manufacturing and computational design produces a new,non-standardized, highly differentiated and spatially complex architecture. Anarchitecture emerges between chaos and order, both natural and artificial, yet neitherforeign nor familiar: a Digital Grotesque. More

Product • By Smith Allen studioEchoviren


Smith|Allen participated in the Project 387 Residency, located in Mendocino Country from August 4-18, 2013. In the heart of a 150-acre redwood forest, Smith|Allen has created a site responsive, 3D printed architectural installation (the largest of it’s kind): Echoviren. The project merges architecture, art and technology to explore the dialectic between man, machine and nature. The Project 387 open house and reception was Saturday, August 17. Spanning 10 x 10 x 8 feet, Echoviren is a translucent white enclosure, stark and artificial against the natural palette of reds and greens of the forest. Walking around and within the structure, the viewer is immediately consumed by the juxtaposition, as well as uncanny similarity, of natural and un... More

Product • By Corneel CannaertsDazzle Lamp

Dazzle Lamp

Dazzle Lamp is part of a series of design experiments in the intersection of creative coding and digital fabrication. Digital fabrication and impacts design on many levels: formal and material qualities, customisation, sharing and distribution of both design ideas and production. These experiments question the agency of both ‘file’ and ‘factory’ within the ‘file-to-factory’ paradigm and allow both computational and material processes leave traces in the end result. Dazzle lamp looks at the potential of 3D colour printing to embed different states within an object. The prototypes are printed using zcorp colour printer, that prints using a coloured binder and gypsum like powder. The colours are applied on the inside of the lamps and only e... More

Product • By Alessandro ZambelliAfillia


Stripping away the frills poses the risk of coming up against bare essentials, sometimes in a highly visible way. A fine example are Alessandro Zambelli’s new lights, designed for .exnovo. He calls the collection “Afillia,” a name borrowed from botany. In plant terms, it means leafless, though not lifeless: surely an apt image for a collection of luminous essentials and airy voids. The Afillia range of six lighting accessories consists of three table lamps and three pendant lights. The base or socket ring is in Swiss pine, a premium wood from the Alto Adige mountains, hand-crafted according to the region’s ancient traditions. The wood fitting locks on to a light diffuser in polyamide (also known as nylon fibre), sintered by professional... More

Product • By WertelOberfellFractal.mgx


Fractal table is a result of studies into fractal growth patterns that can be found in nature and which can be described with mathematical algorithms. Per definition a fractal is a fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole, a property called self-similarity. The fascination for us as designers lies in the objects’ grown and organic nature but also in its structured and mathematical quality. Both in terms of size and complexity Fractal Table pushes the manufacturing process to its limits. Fractal Table is produced by Materialise as a single piece SLA in epoxy resin. Its dimensions in cm are: L98 x W61 x H42. Treelike stems grow into smaller bran... More

Product • By Front DesignSketch Furniture

Sketch Furniture

No Description More

Product • By Peter DondersTi-Join


No Description More

Product • By Peter DondersBatoidea


Aluminium cast chair.Other colours are possible.Weight +/- 8 kgDimensions:H : 729 mmW: 1001mmD : 576mmFoot StoolWeight +/- 4.5 kgDimensions:H : 385mmW: 344mmD : 509mm More

Product • By Pelidesign Machine Perception handles skelet

Machine Perception handles skelet

A Machine’s Perception’ handles exploit the idea that the design is translated through the mind of a computer into a complex web of steel and bronze built up layer by layer in a 3D printing process. The handles are beautifully engineerd and are nonetheless very ergonomic and nice to the touch. More

Product • By Pelidesign Machine Perception handles faceted

Machine Perception handles faceted

A Machine’s Perception’ handles exploit the idea that the design is translated through the mind of a computer into a complex web of steel and bronze built up layer by layer in a 3D printing process. The handles are beautifully engineerd and are nonetheless very ergonomic and nice to the touch. More

Product • By GasslingBreaking bulbs

Breaking bulbs

Breaking bulbs is a three piece lighting range. They capture that split second in time when an object destroy on impact, and the over-sized bulb-shaped lamps appear to shatter as they destroy when being dropped, smashed, and even shot. It’s a project which lives somewhere in between art and design. The lamps are produced using very high resolution 3D printing in a durable white nylon material. Up until now there have been few example of consumer products using 3D printing as the final production tool. One of the goals with Breaking bulbs was to challenge this and find out how to leverage the unique opportunities provided by the technology into production. More