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Project • By GPA&A - Gustavo PennaOffices

Metalworkers’ Union Headquarters

To value hard work: that is the union’s main concern. This is something to be expressed often, be it in actions or in the words or gestures. The building that houses the union is one big gesture that symbolizes this idea-force. It wants to be present in the city’s scenery because it is proud of its mission. It wants to be open to all gazes, transparent and welcoming, because it has nothing to hide. Its inner square fits all its fights and claims. ​From that comes our idea to create the room for collective work, all interconnected, solidary, committed, simultaneous. The structure is clean, simple and airy.On the West façade, the longer one, the curves in motion resemble aligned flags.The auditorium integrates itself to the foyer and the gal... More
A Place Building
A Place Building

Project • By ASYA DesignOffices

A Place

Manila-based architectural firm ASYA Design has moved in to their 12-storey office building in MOA Complex, a reclaimed developing town located south of Manila. Fittingly named as “A Place”, after its inception from the landscape and seascape ripple forms – an ode to the natural setting before the project was realized. The 23-year old architectural firm is putting their focus on the green market and proving that building green is attainable. ASYA Design’s office headquarters is intended to be a one-stop-shop for the green building market in the Philippines, thus devoting a whole floor to tenants retailing green and sustainable products. The building adapts a “core and shell” concept in its design – a simple but direct approach that... More