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Product • By Key CucineFACTORY Kitchen


Metallic surfaces, “vintage” woods, stainless steel and precious marble: a combination of industrial-style ingredients stunningly transforms this kitchen. The result is elegance and class.  The innovative combination of so different materials reveals all its creative force, resulting in a kitchen that is up to the minute yet simple.The rough uneven texture and charm of “vintage” wood matches perfectly with the refined elegance of titanium colored metal finish. The rough uneven texture and charm of “vintage” wood covering the drawers’ front matches perfectly with the large black natural Emperador marble top and the refined elegance of titanium colored liquid metal finish. The handy enamelled mesh tray gives an origin... More

Product • By Faraone SrlCurtain Walls

Curtain Walls

Steel and glass: the art of sewing. Try the curtain walls by Faraone and enhance the look of your building! Spider-glass The AISI 316 stainless steel spiders are high quality products, with a range of over 30 different models. The polishing made with mechanical brush brings out the noble spirit of the steel. The satin finishing makes it less evident, and means that it's up to date with new trends. Quadrifoglio The AISI 316 stainless steel spiders, Quadrifoglio line, are designed both to avoid drilling the glass (thus reducing costs) and to customize facades. There is a wide range of ball-joints for any kind of glass, structural requirements and aesthetic solutions. Ball-joint A wide range of ball-joint for every typ... More