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Project • By Sensitile SystemsHotels

Hilton Garden Inn Santa Monica, CA

HBA, Santa Monica, CA was faced with the challenge of incorporating the brand standards of dichroism in 3-D texture in a budget friendly, small format, place-making design. A custom map of Los Angeles, engraved in Imprint with an iridescent interlay... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsPanama Collection

Panama Collection

The Panama collection is a timeless classic encompassing natté fabrics with a fine and grainy surface.  In Panama fabrics, warp and weft threads are interlaced so as to form an elegant crisscross pattern. The Panama colour range comprise... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsCanvas Collection

Canvas Collection

The Canvas collection depicts the basics of our colourful and sensitive mind. We aim to create a synesthetic experience through the colours displayed and their association with certain emotions, i.e. a chromatic perception that leads to inherently c... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsUrban Collection

Urban Collection

In Urban Collection, play and warmth appear, these are key to the way of relating to time and cultural space. It is the best fabric for memories and it presents a certain durability that guarantees a safety both in design and quality. In turn, tran... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsTales Collection

Tales Collection

Stories. We define ourselves as storytellers, and this is precisely what we expect from our fabrics. Not only should they reflect an idea and originate from the experiences of our designers, we also want them to help create an environment of comfort,... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsRoots Collection

Roots Collection

Stepping back into who we really are  Something that endures over time, over generations, is something significant. Like popular wisdom and culture, the intangible treasures of any civilisation, aesthetics and visual perspective are gems that h... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsPrades Collection

Prades Collection

The Prades collection depicts the garrigue, the typical landscape of Provence. It is a type of low, soft-leaved scrubland or chaparral found on limestone soils around the Mediterranean Basin, generally near the seacoast. Using many different threads... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsJoy Collection

Joy Collection

Optimism is in our DNA. We create fabrics because this is what makes us happy, and we would like to convey this feeling through our Joy collection. Our desire is to help people listen to their emotions, focus on what is important in life and apprecia... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsEscania Collection

Escania Collection

The Escania collection is inspired by the aesthetics and functionality of Scandinavian design from the 50s, with textiles that are specially influenced by Finnish entrepreneur Armi Ratia. The collection designs are simple and geometric: the subtle co... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsBits Collection

Bits Collection

Decoding digital drift into emotions.   Technology simplifies reality into binary and overlooks a wide range of nuances. It can be efficient, but not animate; sleek, but not exciting. Our aim is to emphasise precisely the opposite of this perce... More

Product • By BLISS FabricsAura Collection

Aura Collection

BLISS is all about feelings and emotions, and so are our fabrics. We aim to create fabrics that stir emotions and arouse the senses, as does our New Aura collection, which focuses on the subtle, gentle and eloquent Scandinavian aura as a way of enco... More

Project • By Sensitile SystemsHospitals

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Designed by Ewing Cole, PA, Jali Flight was used to create elegant, light-filtering privacy screens in the reception area of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Special Care Center. The ability of this material to transmit light whil... More

Project • By Sensitile SystemsApartments

Ray Apartments

Designed by Object & Space Ltd and Baylis Architects, Seattle, the lobby of this fun and contemporary multi-residence unit uses Slant Dew panels with a gold hue to create a freestanding divider wall to accent and define the seating area and separ... More

Project • By Sensitile SystemsOffices

American Chemistry Council

Fox Architects designed the face and transaction ledge of this reception desk using ScintillaⓇ panels that we detailed, prefabricated to final size, and shipped as a kit-of-parts to be assembled on site into the complete desk. Cool white LED lights i... More

Project • By Sensitile SystemsApartments

The Hecht Warehouse

To enliven the public areas of this warehouse conversion project, GTM Architects used our illuminated Spark™ panels as a backdrop to highlight the vintage objects found in the original Hecht’s Warehouse to create a glowing, furnace-themed... More