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Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceHousing

F House

F-House was commissioned to add a design-driven accessory dwelling unit to a home in LA’s Melrose District. The unit was intended to combine parking with additional family space, while also re-conceiving the home’s outdoor areas. Taking into account the brief as well as some challenging privacy issues, we proposed a very simple building “clad” in hanging vines, which would act as both a sun screen as well as a moveable object, interacting with doors and windows to create a variety of impressions and layered indoor and outdoor spaces. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption   More

Project • By McKinney York ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Avenue G Alley Flat

This origami-like alley flat is a surprisingly light home; a unique and amazingly practical place.  Strategically placed windows, dramatic roof angles, and a living room that transforms into an open-air pavilion all contribute to the clever use of every inch of space.  The full build-out of the site provides much-needed maximal density on the lot while remaining respectful of the surrounding neighborhood’s character and responding to the scale, material palette and color palette of the existing house.  Nestled among trees at the back of a lot in Austin’s North Loop neighborhood, the sophisticated choreography of the spaces makes this home feel much bigger than its 850 square feet. More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Plan Set | Yucca S

This modern vernacular style home is ideal for either a typical urban infill, suburban, or rural lot. The floor plan was intended to be flexible and can be used as either a main house for young couples or small families, or as a secondary dwelling unit for guests, in-law quarters, rental apartment, condo or townhome. Yucca S can be combined with Yucca L to create a primary and accessory dwelling unit compound on your existing site.   Thoughtfully designed building plan sets allow you to enjoy high-end custom design without the high-end custom fees and design times. Our pre-designed plans are ready to be adapted by your local team for pricing, permitting, and construction. More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

W. Mary Residences

These four garden courtyard houses embody the feel of south Austin’s eclectic and casual lifestyle. Taking cues from the local neighborhood, the 2-story primary units facing the street are styled in a traditional vernacular form while the rear 1-story accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) take on a low-slung mid-century modern form. Solid (insulated) stack-bonded architectural grade CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls define the ADU’s (accessory dwelling unit) exterior walls which carry through to the interior. Heavy mass gabion walls create privacy and natural garden planter walls. More