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Product • By SoundLess AcousticsSound-absorbing Green Wall with 100% natural mummy-moss

Sound-absorbing Green Wall with 100% natural mummy-moss

Soundless Acoustics provides a natural and maintenance-free acoustic wall solution using 100% natural moss. This sustainable solution is designed to enhance the room's acoustics with a customized hand-made design panel that has an NRC/Aw rate of 1.0.  Caption DesignsThe moss creates a beautiful and natural design in every room and comes in various types such as Flat moss, Bol moss, Rock Moss, Fern Moss, Hair moss, and Reindeer moss.    MaterialThe panels are made of high-quality organic fibreboards, which offer impressive sound absorption performance. Each panel is unique and custom-sized to fit any desired dimension, including frames of wood, natural stone, or aluminum. We also offer the option to add plants, integra... More

Product • By TriplacoAcoustic panels

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are developed to absorb and to reduce ambient noise. Our Print Acoustics ® panels provide acoustic solutions for fixed or movable partitions, cabinets, wall cladding, interior doors, projects (including hospitals, retirement homes, schools, offices, sports centers, musea, recording studios, stores, ...). More