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Project • By iGuzziniPrivate Houses

Private residence in Manly

The luxury residential project, recently completed in Manly, New South Wales Australia, was designed by DKO Architecture. Based on long, uninterrupted horizontal lines and a colour palette derived from raw materials, left as often as possible in their authentic state. Rounded edges and ample bands of glazing offer views over the beautiful and carefully curated greenery outside. A raw stacked stone wall that divides the indoors and outdoors is lit by Light Up luminaires, while recessed Laser Blade luminaires, guaranteeing maximum visual comfort, indicate the entrance to the home. Outdoors, again, the swimming pool seems to levitate on a base of light created by Underscore InOut luminaires. The timber lined ceilings extend to the soffit, cr... More

Project • By Luis Trevino ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Battledean Road

This is a single story side & rear extension, achieving the increase the size of the property and bring natural light in the kitchen. The impact on the current structure will be kept to a minimum and the project will also seek to balance out the communal and private spaces within the property.By opening up to the garden with a sensitive approach of appropriate scale and minimal architectural language, the local character of the area will be maintained and reinforced. The same approach has been adapted to bring in to fruition the rear roof extension.This will give the client a space in which they can feel comfortable both physically and in terms of budget, while at the same time staying within the required parameters for being awarded a... More

Product • By FILDLL2


LL2New pendant lamp LL2 was designed and produces by FILD in early 2019. Addition to FILD’s collection is another versatile lighting option that adapts to practically any space. This linear fixture is perfectly suitable for home interior as well as office spaces. Basically, pendant lighting is a perfect lighting solution for any room in the house.LL2 emits ambient light, softly illuminates your table and provides task lighting showcasing the beauty of ultimate simplicity. Straight and organic shapes are maintained in any model developed by FILD and LL2 is definitely not an exception. Product category: Pendant LampYear: 2019Materials: - Powdercoated steel- Aluminium profile & plastic lens- 2 meter... More

Project • By MYVN ArchitectureOffices

Lines & Motion

Project LINES & MOTION is a take on designing an office workspace with an approach of total contrast to the conventional workspaces. Envisioning an interactive and futuristic workspace, the client approached us for designing a 1260sqft office space with a stringent budget. The simplified clean floor plan intrigued us with the idea of a single sleek long table for the whole workspace. The massive scale of the table was to be reflected on the ceiling as a single volume. The single volume on the ceiling took a form of a light installation. Intune with the client’s ideology of bringing a futuristic programmable light form which reflected their work of complex and precise coding, the idea of creating a play with lines came into the notion.Cr... More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHMiracolo


Materials and colours: brass flex, candleCollection: Oggetti Senza TempoThe originsOggetti senza Tempo represents Catellani & Smith’s more classic spirit. The collection groups together all lamps, past and future, created by Enzo Catellani, for the simple pleasure of bringing life to a gesture more than to a lamp. More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHTurciù 2 / 3

Turciù 2 / 3

Collection: TurciùMaterials and colours: nickel base, mouldable nickel or brass flexLight source: 2x E14 bulb / 3x E14 bulbDimensions: flex Ø 1,3 cm: 2x50 cmKelvin: 2700Energetic Class: A; D.Voltage: 220-240VWatt: 2x20W; 2x4W; 3x20W; 3x4W.Dimming: NoThe originsThe Turciù series, the first designed by Catellani, takes its name from the fact that you can twist and shape the flexible arms of these lamps as you wish, making the most of the ability to interact with this lighting fixture. More

Product • By Scholle-DeubzerDROPS


We blow and sculpt DROPS with our own hands, freestyle at the glass-furnace.Each one has it's own individual shape.An LED ist placed inside through a specially developed, sophisticated system.2,5 W / 150 LUMEN / 2700 K dimmableDROP are available as a singleor as an installation of 3, 5 or 7 pieces.For bigger numbers please contact us for an individual solution. More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHLuna


Collection: Luce d'OroMaterials: waxed rough iron base and candle holder ring with magnet, aluminium disc, tealightColours: gold, silver, copper coloured leafDimensions: Ø 17 cmThe originsLuci d’Oro was developed after reflecting on the colour of light: the golden light of the sun and fire; warm light, in which the concept of refraction began to take shape in Enzo Catellani’s mind and which he used later in other creations. More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHFrancesca


Collection: Luce d'OroMaterials: aluminium discColours: white/gold, gold, silver, copper coloured leafLight source: 4x G9 LED bulbDimensions: Ø 80 cm; Ø 120 cmKelvin: 2200Energetic Class: AVoltage: 220-240VWatt: 4x2,7WDimming: NoThe originsLuci d’Oro was developed after reflecting on the colour of light: the golden light of the sun and fire; warm light, in which the concept of refraction began to take shape in Enzo Catellani’s mind and which he used later in other creations. More