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Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® Pearlescent Finishes

ALPOLIC® Pearlescent Finishes

ALPOLIC Pearlesecent finishes are part of our Effects line. ALPOLIC's Effects Color Line consists of shimmer, pearlescent, and prismatic color panels that are available with a FEVE LUMIFLON finish, a fluorocarbon paint system that features excellent durability and weathering for architectural needs.    ALPOLIC/fr Effects Color Line finished panels with a mineral filled core have been tested by independent testing laboratories using nationally recognized tests. This material meets all requirements of the International Building Code for non-combustible construction: IBC Listed UL Listed   ALPOLIC Pearlescent finishes include Pearlescent Orange, Eclipse and Frost. About Lumiflon FEVE Lumiflon’s FEVE fluoroethylene... More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® Anodized Series

ALPOLIC® Anodized Series

  ALPOLIC® Anodized MCM can transform your next design into a legacy showpiece. Anodized aluminum is an exceptionally strong surface that brings a smooth sheen to your next project, be it a high-end residence, boutique hotel or stylish automotive dealership. Our anodized aluminum panels are available in a choice of six colors that are easy to fabricate, deeply lustrous and tough as nails. These anodized panels reveal the natural beauty of aluminum while enhancing its toughness and aesthetic possibilities. Courtesy of Dynamic Metal About Anodized PanelsAluminum oxide is an extremely hard substance – the molecular basis of rubies and sapphires. Aluminum alloys naturally form a surface layer of aluminum oxide that’s... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsShowrooms

Kendall Subaru of Marysville

Kendall Subaru of Marysville, Washington features a grand showroom and service area enhanced by two ALPOLIC finishes. Dark blue MCM, matching the signage, lines the top of the structure. Silver Metallic MCM clads the envelope. Both provide seamless color and superior flatness throughout the project. From video footage provided by Bestworth Rommell and Gaffney Construction From video footage provided by Bestworth Rommell and Gaffney Construction From video footage provided by Bestworth Rommell and Gaffney Construction ALPOLIC and Automotive Corporate Identity With roots in the petroleum industry, providing matierals for gas station canopies, car washes and supplemental facilities, ALPOLIC has branched into design for Corpora... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsLaboratories

Measurement Systems Laboratory at NASA Langley

Over 90,000 square feet of ALPOLIC White and Silver Metallic MCM clad NASA's Measurement Systems Laboratory at NASA Langley in Virginia. This building houses six research and engineering groups on the campus, and is helping modern the base for future endeavors. Scott Wertz Scott Wertz More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® Metallic Finishes - MCM Series

ALPOLIC® Metallic Finishes - MCM Series

Our metallic panel finishes bring the look of silver, pewter, gold, steel, bronze, copper and other metals to our resilient aluminum composite panels. These finishes impart a luster of quality and distinction to your building – without the expense, fabrication difficulties and instability of natural metals. The durability and prestige of nature’s classic materials – with all the advantages that only modern ALPOLIC® composites can provide. That’s the timeless quality of our metallic finishes.   About Metallic Panel Finishes Cladco Ltd To create metallic finishes, we apply a coat of our Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin using our unique die-coating process that ensures smooth, even results with no... More

Project • By NicolliShops

Arpa arredamenti

For the restyling of the Arpa Arredamenti headquarters, we proposed to the customer a composite material cladding of a very particular colour called “sunset”, which was then further enhanced by the compositional choices. Nicolli srl The special iridescent paint used gives a continuously mutating perception of the colours of the panels depending on the incidence of the sunlight. This means that the different sections of the building will take on different colour hues depending on the time of the day. To make the most of this feature, the façade has been made more dynamic through an update of the old geometries, changing the inclination of some panels, so that the light will always hit at different angles. Nicolli... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsMilitary buildings

Armed Forces Reserve Center

Located on a 12.7 acre site in Farmingdale, New York stands the new four-story, approximately 200,000 square ft. Armed Forces Reserve Center. Designed for joint use by the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Marine Corp Reserve, and Navy Reserve, the AFRC is authorized to accommodate 1,775 enlisted personnel and 155 officers.Recommended by the Base Re-Alignment and Closure Commission as a way to save money, consolidate, and improve conditions, the new state of the art facility allowed for the closing of five 50-year old armories and two out-of-date Reserve Centers. In order to properly prepare for missions, the Center is designed to meet each division’s administrative, training, and storage needs. Containing specialized workspaces for... More
Guy Brown/GBI
Guy Brown/GBI
Guy Brown/GBI
Guy Brown/GBI

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsOffices

Guy Brown/GBI Corporate Headquarters

Guy Brown and Guy Brown Investments (GBI) provide an extensive inventory of business solutions to some of the largest brands in the United States. Guy Brown offers services to improve business efficiency and promotion, and GBI is a leader in commercial furniture for offices, healthcare and education. Both arms of the company facilitate the needs of businesses through quality service and creative vision. Because their products are designed to optimize employee productivity and comfort, their main offices in Brentwood, Tennessee needed to provide the same environment for their staff. The new Guy Brown building, completed in June 2017, features 20,300 square feet of climate-controlled workspace over two floors, and 10,000 square feet of groun... More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® MCM Mica Series

ALPOLIC® MCM Mica Series

ALPOLIC® materials finished with a mica color in shades of silver, platinum, champagne, gray and anodic clear bring a sophisticated flair to your project. With embedded mica, panel colors take on a pearlescent warmth with a subtly dimensional appearance. It’s a look that catches the light, the eye and the imagination. About Mica Panel Finishes To create a mica color finish, we embed mica flakes within our next-generation Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin. It’s the most advanced architectural coating available, delivering superior durability, weatherability and chemical resistance. The mica catches and reflects light in a dynamic way that can vary from muted to brilliant depending on the brightness of the light and ang... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsPrivate Houses

Tamanna Residence

The future of residential metal architecture is bright.  In Western Canada, Excelsior Architectural Product is forging new ground with several projects that speak to a bold future of residential architecture. One recent project, a new home for the owners of Tamanna Concept, Ltd., has become a showpiece for the company, where people can see the advantages of installing metal composite material (MCM) on their home. Tariq Malik, a custom home builder, and his wife Afsana, an architectural designer, envisioned a forward-thinking design for their Vancouver property that would remain stylish for years to come. Excelsior worked closely with them in the design and completed the fabrication and installation for the project. Excelsior Archi... More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC® MCM Solid Color Series

ALPOLIC® MCM Solid Color Series

These distinctive classics are available for immediate delivery in common architectural colors of white, gray, bronze and black, to bright program colors of rich reds, brilliant yellows and vibrant blues. We can also supply custom colors matched to virtually any color your project requires. ALPOLIC® panels use Lumiflon® FEVE, a remarkable second-generation fluoropolymer coating that offers exceptional adhesion, weatherability and chemical resistance – in a full range of colors and glosses that ordinary PVDF paints can’t match. ALPOLIC® materials are available for immediate delivery in a stunning range of solid colored panels, from stately architectural shades of white, gray, tan, bronze and black to bright program... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsOffices

STIHL USA Headquarters

Few architectural projects can boast of a floating helix of chainsaws. But for STIHL Inc., the design of a new $32 million corporate headquarters was heavily inspired by their signature product. In between the trademark orange and white accents, the new 80,000 square foot administration building has a beautifully understated design that calls to the lush wooded allure of Virginia Beach. The landmark structure is a study in green building techniques, employee and customer comfort and the versatility of metal composite materials. Caption BUILDING A MANUFACTURING REGION IN COASTAL VIRGINIAWhen STIHL first began US operations in Virginia Beach, VA in 1974, it worked out of a rented warehouse with only 50 employees. Today, STIHL Inc., make... More

Project • By Barber McMurry ArchitectsOffices

Contemporary Women’s Health

Contemporary Women’s Health approached BMA to design a new medical office building that would reflect their brand as a group of all-women physicians practicing the latest trends in modern obstetrics and gynecology. In collaboration with the physicians and staff, we developed a design that projects a very cleanly detailed modern and minimal exterior of glass, metal, and wood. The building entry is centrally located to act as the front door to both the clinical side of the practice as well as the spa, while still allowing each side its own waiting area and identity after entering. The spa anchors the west end of the building and is primarily identified with extensive exterior / interior use of tongue and groove cypress siding and glass. Spa r... More

Product • By ElemexAlumitex high strength low weight aluminum alloy sheets

Alumitex high strength low weight aluminum alloy sheets

Lightweight. Durable. Proven.Alumitex™ facade systems by Elemex offer maximum design flexibility and durability. Alumitex™ integrates seamlessly with other Elemex facade systems because it is mounted to our proprietary Unity™ attachment technology. Exceeding North American codes and backed by the Elemex 360° Advantage, Alumitex™ is a solid choice for any project requiring Aluminum or mixed-material facades. More

Product • By MykonB-Glow


As with Mykon's B-Clear product, the B-Glow range is characterised by its ability to combine inherent beauty with practical benefit. These panels create and diffuse light from dawn until dusk, transforming and bringing to life any environment. LED light is distributed evenly through the whole panel, thanks to advanced laser 3D v-cut fine lines applied to one side of the panel. The LEDs are available in 3 options (warm white, cool white and colour change RGB. The panels come complete with a remote control that allows you to set the colour, brightness or fade of a room; creating an environment to suit your mood.B-Glow is ideal for creating an exciting feature wall for parties and entertaining at home, exhibitions, leisure and retail applicati... More