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Project • By Koffi and Diabaté ArchitectesOffices

Complexe Immobilier Green

Construction project of a multi- use real estate compound comprised of a residential apartments building and a commercial/office building, in Abidjan. The architectural approach takes into account the site’s characteristics, environment with fu... More

Project • By Firestone Building Products EMEAApartments

La Petite Halle

Faced with global warming and increasingly demanding local regulations, the mindsets home owners are changing. They want to move into houses that respect the environment and are energy efficient without sacrificing architectural quality. French arch... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsApartments

Parisian apartment renovation

This apartment was envisaged as a soft, poetic cocoon that would bring comfort to its inhabitants. All of the furniture are original pieces by IMA Interiors, designed in a formal, colorful style characterized by geometric traits and the mix of subtle... More

Project • By BASO ArquitecturaApartments

Dpto Santa Rosa 1

Dpto Santa Rosa 1 - BASO Arquitectura   The project is organized and revolves around a central corridor that distributes and integrates the different spaces. More

Project • By CLACstudio architectureApartments

Onde (waves)

The apartment is located in the center of Rome, inside a very rational real estate complex, interesting from an architectural point of view, but incredibly squared and with large orthogonal spaces. The project was born for a young woman, so the main... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERApartments

One Arlington Apartments

The art of revitalization with HAVER Architectural MeshLocated next to the Arlington International Racecourse in Illinois, The Arlington Downs development is designed with an urban feel. One Arlington Apartments sits 13 stories high on the developmen... More

Project • By M&S Architekten Apartments


Vienna is establishing a new main station. We are planning 41 privately financed apartments on construction field B.04 for the developer Familienwohnbau.Planners have to come to an agreement in lots of points when a new urban area is created. Our hou... More