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Project • By Rachel SauExhibitions

Eu Lembro (I Remember)

With submissions from over 52 countries, Rachel Sau’s proposal, Eu Lembro (I Remember) has been awarded honourable mention in the Cultural Building Award category of the Silk Matters' Gaudi Architecture Prize: International Design Award 2020.  Since the project site – Algarve, Portugal – has a rich history, the proposal fulfilled the requirement of designing a mirador (look-out space) whilst respecting its history. To do this, the design approach began with a question: “what if the site has a voice?” Site:Hello. I have no name as former buildings that gave me identities are long gone. I am located in Algarve, Portugal. In the 1600s. Eu Lembro people called me Santo Ignacio Fortress. My role was t... More

Project • By ARQBR Arquitetura e UrbanismoSecondary Schools

Centro Educacional Crixá

Awarded with the 1st place in a national competition promoted by the governement of Brasília, the project was developed with the idea that public schools are key spaces for social change. They should be designed well beyond the idea of just learning spaces, but also as community centres, alive and open all day. The school's desing starts form the gound, and follows the 9m slope in between the site's borders, prioritizing the accesses and creating three distinct development levels. The top level defines a light horizontal volume that sits on the terrain and houses the main educational spaces. The bottom levels were conceived as public spaces, open to the new district to which the school will offer its services, along with administration and... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

Safari Residential Apartment

Text description provided by the architects. The Safari Residential Project is located at the southeast of Shiraz, one of the oldest part of the city. Today, the attention of the architects in the city is more focused on the wealthy areas and there is a lack of innovative projects in such poor areas. The site context’s situation is in decline, and architecture is being oblivious, which has affected the city fabric structure and visual aspect of the region. To this end, the initial perspective on the creation of this project is a slight attempt to revive the recession situation of the design site.The idea of the design was based on creating a connecting and reliant element on all floors. This central element, which is in the inner shell of t... More

Project • By Dap Studio / elena sacco - paolo danelliArt Galleries

FERRARA - Palazzo dei Diamanti

The project relates to the historical building moving in two opposite directions: harmony and opposition. On one side , the strengthening of some fundamental themes – the axiality, the portals system, the relationship between solids and voids, the theme of the unfinished -  roots the project in its context and generates a natural sense of belonging. On the other side, the pavilion grafting is an intentional act that redefines the space, opposing the lightness of a new glass volume to the historic building materiality. The pavilion closes the unfinished side of the main courtyard ensuring continuity to the exhibition system, while maintaining a visual relationship with the garden. Its architecture is made of &nb... More

Project • By Architects for UrbanityCommunity Centres

Elefsina Administration & Services Building, Greec

The proposal for the new office building of P.E.D.A. is based on a radial volumetric configuration that creates a large central space in the heart of the building, which expresses the notion of the common, condenses all public services and facilitates the orientation of the visitors. The central space becomes a catalyst and the reference point of six linear building extensions that shelter an independent service on each floor. Therefore the building functions as a unified organism that however allows autonomy to each of its departments. Moreover, such a typological proposal overcomes the usual long corridors of office buildings and fragments its large scale into human proportions. On the street level, the visitors cannot have an overview of... More

Project • By ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONSUrban Green Spaces

Central Square in Warsaw

Central Square – known now as Parade Square - is a Warsaw main landmark for tourists and citizens. Mostly because of its central location on the map of the city and direct relation with Palace of Culture and Science – the highest and most iconic building in Poland.Everyday loads of people are passing through the Parade Square on their way to work, train station or just to handle their daily duties. Despite being located in a communicational and administrative heart of the City, the space is excluded from everyday metropolitan life. As meeting point or destination for spending time, its role seems to be marginal.The reason of the lack of interest is “the great nothingness”. There is no specified development plan for the Square so people feel... More

Project • By idesignprojectPrimary Schools

1st Primary School "Ag. Pavlos" with closed gym at Municipality Neapolis-Sikes

The present study participated in an architectural contest for the design of the 1st primary school "Ag. Pavlos" with closed gym at Neapolis-Sikes, Thessaloniki. Emphasis was given on designing a friendly and accessible establishment which would assist the children to adjust more easily to the scholar environmental and schedule. The school building is harmonically adjusted to the natural entourage, as it follows the terrain and takes full advantage of the slopes to create different levels and ensure the best view to the city. The handball court is partially put under the surface to avoid the deterioration of school aesthetic. Special attention was paid to the orientation of the classrooms and the basics principles of bioclimatic design. T... More