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Product • By FlexformMarley Armchair

Marley Armchair

The Marley family of seating is distinguished by its soft shapes and sleek design, the ideal blend of classic appeal and contemporary spirit. The enveloping shell of the armchair is in metal and polyurethane foam while the seat and backrest cushions are filled with goose down to ensure superior comfort.  The base of the Marley armchair is available in an array of versions whose design roots trace back to different stylistic interpretations and even different uses.In its most classic version, the Marley armchair rests on a solid wood base, in Canaletto walnut or ash, with a variety color options.A more formal interpretation of the armchair has a swivel base with five spokes made of cast aluminum, of varying thicknesses, with r... More

Product • By Royal BotaniaStrappy


Strappy Strappy 55The new and highly original Strappy line features a coated stainless steel structure consisting of one continuous rod running all the way around to form a minimalistic yet functional and stackable framework, to which the padded seat straps and armrests are attached. They appear as if suspended inside this elegant frame. That the front and rear are connected only by soft elements is, however, an optical illusion. What meets the eye is in fact the upholstery, the aluminium straps are nicely hidden inside. Together with the hidden armrest connection they are the backbone of the Strappy. This optical ‘trick’ not only makes it possible to have a very fine and fragile looking framework, but also caters for an even b... More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniBeatrix


Inspired by “haute couture”, this armchair is available in two sizes: wide and low and high and narrow. An elegant stitching emphasizes the curved silhouette of the Beatrix armchair. The wide range of leathers and fabrics combined with the colour scheme of the metal make this armchair versatile and suitable for eclectic ambiances and contemporary houses.  More

Project • By CAPDELLRestaurants

Restaurante Albarracín

Moon reveals its versatility at the Albarracín restaurant in ZaragozaOur Moon chair by Gabriel Teixidó that, according to its designer “has as many faces as the moon”, has revealed all its versatility at the Albarracín restaurant in Zaragoza, which wanted to adapt its look for a combination of traditional and avant-garde cuisine.As part of the warm and cosy refurbishment project by Classico45Interiorismo studio our Moon light model with metal legs and brace rods, manages to blend in with the main dining room. It combines innovative design with local materials, the traditional Albarracín architecture- that the restaurant is named after – and Aragonese gastronomy.The comfort and the look of Moon li... More

Product • By CommuneBRUNO ARM CHAIR


With its modern vintage and Art Deco elements, the Bruno collection was designed for individuals who appreciate old-world elegance in the modern age. The Bruno collection merges the trendy rustic chic and tropical urban tribe styles, with the choice of tropical acacia wood providing a feel of tropical nature within the urban living space. Acacia wood was picked specifically for its wild grains and knots which add character to each individual piece, to make each piece uniquely different for the bold homeowner in the city.  More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaBugatti


Bugatti ha tutte le qualità per essere la protagonista degli spazi home & contract. Lo spessore del cuscino imbottito crea un contrasto elegante con le linee sottili della struttura che sostiene una confortevole seduta rivestita in pelle, ecopelle, tessuto o velluto. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaAutumn


Characterized by a sophisticated balance between structure and seat, which appears to be suspended, it represents the typical expression of Italian craftmanship. The structure is realized in curved wood, with a natural, black stained or walnut finish, combined with a wooden or covered seat in various finishes. More

Product • By CabasDiesis PL

Diesis PL

Diesis PL is an elegant lounge chair with frame in solid beechwood. Upholstered seat, backrest and armrests, coated in leather or fabric. Suitable for top quality hotels. Available in several finishes. More

Product • By CabasDiesis 73A2

Diesis 73A2

Diesis 73A2 is a luxury lounge armchair with frame in beechwood. Upholstered seat, coated in leather or fabric. Suitable for top quality hotels. Available in several finishes. More

Product • By CabasDiesis 47P

Diesis 47P

Diesis 47P is luxury small armchair with frame in beechwood. Upholstered seat and backrest, coated in leather or fabric. Suitable for top quality hotels and restaurants. Available in several finishes. More

Product • By CabasMadison SSB-ST

Madison SSB-ST

Madison SSB-ST in an elegant stackable chair with armrest. Frame in solid beechwood, upholstered seat and backrest, coated in leather or fabric. Ideal for top quality restaurants. Available in several finishes. More

Product • By CabasNobilis XL

Nobilis XL

Nobilis XL is Lounge Chair with tailor-made leather or fabric upholstery and bespoke frame laquer. Very comfortable, it can be used in a wide range of hotel different areas. Available in several finishes. More

Product • By CabasNobilis PL

Nobilis PL

Nobilis PL is an armchair in beechwood, with upholstered seat, backrest and sides, coated in leather or fabric. Suitable for hotels. Available in several finishes. More

Project • By CAPDELLRestaurants

El trinquet de Pelayo

Located in an old 19th century court, the restaurant has merged the essence of the Valencian pelota with the new gastronomic flavours.It was consecrated as “the cathedral” of Valencian pelota in the 19th century. It was the meeting point for pelota players, politicians and bullfighters representing the Valencian modernism. The Pelayo’s trinquet has become a historical place for the city of Valencia. Supporters of this sport and Valencian gastronomy all go there. It boasts the longest continually open sports court in Europe.Refurbished by the interior designer, Carlos Serra from the Mercadoer de indias studio, the old court has now become the Trinquet de Palayo restaurant. A space which has kept the classic spirit of the Valencian pelot... More

Product • By CAPDELLMoon light

Moon light

The multifunctionality is one of the main features of the MOON Collection, two shells and different bases allow us to adapt it to any space or use, meetings, eat, wait, relax at home, at the office, at the hotel… with a common denominator: comfort and aesthetic. MOON has as many faces as the moon. More