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Project • By Himematsu Architecture Inc.Parks/Gardens


Taiwan Tower is the project which includes observatories, museum and park in Taichung, Taiwan.The positioning of the plan is to be a “Gateway City”. The theme of “four large centers and one feature” is adopted as a turning point for future urban development and encompasses a large park, large campus, large exhibition center, and the Taiwan Tower. Taiwan Tower will become a new landmark for both Taichung and Taiwan.It will be integrated with 21st-Century building technology to honor the local building traditions and symbolize the new Taiwan spirit. TOWER OF VEINThe Creation of TOWER OF VEIN is aim that Taichung becomes environmental city and declares world-leading existence against environmental problem.Human faces... More

Project • By Himematsu Architecture Inc.Offices

Busan Station Complex

This is a redevelopment project at Busan Station Square in Korea. 『The Plans on The Hub of Creative Economy and Cultural and Artistical Square』 within Busan Station with the intention which revitalizes the original downtown through exchanging and spreading the environments of industry, culture, job, etc. from Busan Station as the starting point of Busan North port redevelopment project. ​Scope Plan on 『The Hub of Creative Economy』 which is affected to the industry of creative economy of IT, start-up, knowledge etc. by accumulating and integrating the activities of creative classes of young men, experts, intellectuals, etc. Reflect the economic and public factors based on the understanding of regional circumstances and contexts. Suggest... More

Project • By Flussocreativo Design StudioArt Galleries


Design of the new headquarters of a contemporary art gallery, where works and installations change the industrial expression of architecture. A large industrial warehouse, inside the luxuriant Milan District of Brescia, completely renovated to house Gare 82, the city’s well-known contemporary gallery. More

Project • By StudioMDAArt Galleries

Andrew Kreps Gallery

In May 2019 Andrew Kreps Gallery opened its new space designed by studioMDA in Tribeca, NY. With this space, the new Andrew Kreps Gallery is joining the rising community of galleries in Tribeca, including the studioMDA built Bortolami Gallery. The 9,000 sq. ft. gallery space occupies a historic Tribeca building with 15’ ceilings, multiple exhibition spaces, and viewing rooms. The gallery houses a space that features a 30 ceiling height, providing ample space for large scale artwork and installations. More

Project • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsBridges

Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria

OVERALL VIEWThe Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria consists of a public art gallery and Mapungubwe museum linked to an open museum square which includes a restaurant and outdoor exhibition space located in a publicly accessible portion of the University’s South Campus. The gallery extends over Lynnwood road with a bridge gallery which includes a pedestrian concourse, stitching together the University’s Hatfield Campus and South Campus and touching down on a new University art square positioned above a new student gallery.   BRIDGE GALLERY STITCHING TWO CAMPUSESThe Javett Art Centre at UP provides a public showcase for our national treasures elevating art firmly into the public domain while celebrating and ext... More

Project • By Nissen Richards StudioArt Galleries

Forgotten Masters

Architects and exhibition designers Nissen Richards Studio have completed a dynamic, colourful and historically-significant project for the Wallace Collection. Forgotten Masters: Indian Painting for the East India Company, guest-curated by renowned writer and historian William Dalrymple, is the first UK exhibition of works by Indian master painters that were originally commissioned by officials from the East India Company in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The exhibition represents an unprecedented opportunity to see these vivid and highly original paintings together for the first time, recognising them as among the greatest masterpieces of Indian painting.  Nissen Richards Studio undertook both the exhibition and the gr... More

Project • By Pei Cobb Freed & PartnersArt Galleries

LMCC Arts Center

Part of the ongoing transformation of New York’s Governors Island into a vibrant cultural destination, this adaptive reuse of an 1870s munitions storage warehouse supports local artists while providing generous space for public exhibitions and events.   Designed with services donated by the design team, the new arts center is the first permanent home on the island for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), founded in 1973 to serve local artists and the community with grants, studio space, and public exhibitions and events. To accommodate the organization’s eclectic program, the design called for opening up the interior of the long and narrow two-story building—previously a warren of military offices—and... More

Project • By Shatova architectureBars

Dali wine

Arti Paintbar is a open painting studio that is open to everyone with or without any background in painting. The space is create to be inspireing for all kinds of people,  to come together and express their creative sides and have a bit of fun. More

Project • By LWK + PARTNERSArt Galleries

Chongqing Jiangshan Yun Chu – Legend Gallery

As a lifestyle gallery, Chongqing Jiangshan Yun Chu – Legend Gallery in China is a trial for and response to localised architecture by LWK + PARTNERS. It explores the spatial interaction between nature and urban space on a site close to Chongqing’s Jialing River bank, where the waterscape forms a rare natural setting for the urban area.Riverbends by the cliff is a symbolic setting in Chongqing. Sitting on a triangular site at the highest point of the cliff, the gallery allows visitors a full view of the riverbend and a bird’s eye view of the future Yue Lai core transit-oriented development (TOD) district.Initial concepts from the early design stages all seemed rather out of place in the natural environment in spite of multiple scenario-base... More

Project • By Axis MundiExhibitions

Volkswagen Mutations

This playfully subversive proposal takes one of the most famous design icons and transforms it into a new work that issues a challenge to some of the most important norms of contemporary art. The VW beetle has a loaded history. The Volkswagen company (meaning ‘people’s car’) was established in 1932 by the German Labor Front under Adolf Hitler.  Ferdinand Porsche’s Beetle design was chosen by Hitler as the means to fulfill his desire that every idealized German family should have a car. The Nazi-flag-red forms in the VW Mutations demand that we take a new perspective.Cars form the building blocks of numerous prominent contemporary artworks, compelling because of their associations with freedom, prosperity, and status. The common charact... More

Project • By Axis MundiExhibitions

Rabbit Hole (for Gilles Deleuze)

And if you go chasing rabbitsAnd you know you're going to fallTell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillarHas given you the callCall AliceWhen she was just small- Grace Slick, White RabbitIn their seminal work, A Thousand Plateaus, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari introduce the notion of "holey space.” Holey space is a space of complexity, ambiguity, hybridity, contradiction and otherness. The metaphor of holeyness evokes the subterranean – tunnels, caves, mines, sewers and burrows – with connotations of clandestine and illegal activity, and of the unknown. John Beckmann applies this subversive thinking to an empty art gallery that is filled with rabbits frolicking around, artificial burrows and escape hatches for gallery visitors. Here an a... More

Project • By AMA | MATTEO ASCANIExhibition Centres


Tubular Cloud is a new landmark in NYC panorama, the formal result of all the interactions that happen around the Cooper Square; a passive-active instrument that modifies its out-skin listening the city around and the people that play music with inside the cloud. An Interactive space breathing the city, a motion cloud, a movement sensor, a sound sensor, a transition area with multi-hybrid technology form. It is a living mechanism, for people and their senses being explored as a part of the construction, allowing a person or just sounds to make the space, to change it and be the environment.  We play, listen, visualize and talk to the cloud, modulate its form, where the organism reacts and responds with 3d forms, sounds, lights and... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureArt Galleries

Galeri Nev Kırlangıç

The main design task of the Galeri Nev project is to install a proper art gallery in a single open space that is formed of exposed glazed façades on the three sides. This entrance floor shop, being on a sloped terrain and within a valley meadow extending to embassy gardens, has a picturesque view, rare for Ankara. Possessing the view while creating a secluded exhibition environment is the contradiction that the project is based on. The idea is, basically, to place an introverted exhibition area besides the only existing wall and to locate other functions on the exterior side overlooking the landscape. The street façade side is designed with the "wall-door" idea, which tricks on the Turkish idiom that means to face an unopened door. In... More

Project • By YERce ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Studio Loft

This is the story of a multifunctional remodelling, a creative re-use project. The aim was to transform an ordinary looking flat into an inspiring, creative space where the client, a well known photographer and artist based in Izmir could live and work. During the design process, integration of an exhibition area to this space was quickly embraced as well. Thus enabling the studio to exhibit and share the photographic work that it produces, this space would also host other photography exhibitions and thus become an alternative art exhibition spot in the city.   Various flexible transformative elements have been implemented to meet the client’s demand for intimate zones mixed with functional working space. While the ground floor... More

Project • By Sauerbruch HuttonArt Galleries

M9 Museum, Venedig-Mestre

M9 is a museum of the cultural inheritance of the 20th century, located in a small museum quarter in Mestre, the mainland gateway to Venice. An agent of urban renewal, this educational institution and events venue provides a point of local identification and helps to redress the disparity of cultural wealth between Mestre and the tourist magnet across the lagoon.The M9 scheme consists of one larger and one smaller new building – for the museum and its offices, respectively – plus a former convent and an office building. Together they frame a new public square and open up a diagonal pedestrian link from Piazza Erminia Ferretto to the important thoroughfare of Via Cappuccina. This passes through the courtyard of the 16th-century Convento dell... More