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Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Paylocity - Schaumburg

As the developer of industry-leading human capital management software, Paylocity needed a workspace to reflect its best-in-class dedication to service. Branded elements create a continuous narrative through the space and reinforce their brand and culture. We continue to partner with Paylocity in offices across the country, creating contextual moments that blend Paylocity culture with the local geographic flavor. More

Project • By Triple O StudioPrivate Houses

Yahvi Residence

The Yahvi Residence is located in Coimbatore amidst three built forms. The design emphasis was on open spaces to facilitate abundant lighting and proper ventilation. This is achieved through a  central courtyard and skylight that forms the core of the house. The courtyard is the beating heart of the house in bringing the family together, connecting the various rooms, and serves as the perfect backdrop for family celebrations and events. Handmade Moroccan tiles accentuate the vertical wall of the courtyard, in stark contrast with the textural ochre.  The planning ensures that all rooms in the house from the bedrooms to common areas, such as the living and dining, connect to a semi-open/open space. The building's elevation has a str... More

Project • By Roxy Russell DesignCultural Centres

Aquarium La Rochelle

Jellyfish are perhaps the best example of environmental adaptation in the ocean. They are composed of 95 percent water.Unparalleled in diaphanous luminosity, they are also a natural inspiration for lighting elements. More

Project • By Boano PrišmontasPavilions


The Middle East Region has boomed in the last 50 years with an economy based on oil. This growth rate and the incredible wealth has made the unthinkable possible. Cities bloomed from the arid desert and the whole region became an incredible and alluring place, attracting people from all over the world. But this semi-utopian development approached its climax almost 10 years ago. The region had to re-imagine its future and create its own new, enticing identity. This process had to be planned and didn’t happen spontaneously under the leveling action of history, people and time.​Dubai’s time scale is on steroids, and its future had to happen, now. Aside from the obvious business vocation, the new-unknown identity focused on tourism, fun and won... More