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Project • By INK ArchitectsBanks

Multifunctional complex City

Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Project year: 2018 Type: Multifunctional Complex Plot size: 20,66 Ha Building area: 625 175 m2 Residential area: 218 924 m2 Commercial area: 162 636 m2 Total apartments: 1164 Total floors: 7-16 Stage:  Technical design    The multifunctional complex is located in the capital of Kazakhstan, near the futuristic exhibition pavilion EXPO, and is at the stage of detailed design. The basic concept of the project proposes to embody the idea of the life of an upscale and vibrant community, that after a productive working day, can rest within one district. The multifunctional complex is a new business point of the capital that offers places for coworking, rest, meetings, active team building within walking distance —... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsOffices


A new conceptual project of a business center in the city of Nur-Sultan. The ambitious building, reminiscent of the architecture of the future, includes a 32 storey tower with ultra-modern office spaces, company museum, commercial premises, a spacious parking lot, attractive public spaces and an extensive city park.   The concept of a new business and financial center is based on the proportions of plastic, smoothly flowing into each other, forms and futuristic design. The rhythm of the lamellae and the perforation of metal facades reinforces the sound of the main compositional idea - a smooth dynamic aspiration upwards. The unusual plastic form of the architecture also dictated the principles of shaping the internal spaces of the bu... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsApartments

Esil Riverside

The unique architecture of the residential complex “Esil Riverside” combines the best traditions of New York neo-classicism, elements of art deco and aesthetics of the national culture of Kazakhstan. Ethnic meaning carries a large amount of gold in the decoration of light stone facades, which for centuries has been an allegory of the natural wealth and well-being of the Kazakh people. The mythological winged tulpar crowning the roof of Esil Riverside became the symbol of the residential complex.   The complex includes two residential towers, combined by commercial and public spaces. The design of Esil Riverside used the experience of construction of New York residential buildings, which is to create maximum living space a... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsCities

EXPO boulevard

EXPO Boulevard location: Astana, Kazakhstan type: commercial, retail, leisure, master planning scale: 81398 m2 status: in use The EXPO Boulevard is a big mid-rise residential development in Astana, the city dominated by monumental buildings. The socio-cultural aim is to breathe life to the area and prevent human desertification around EXPO pavilions as it happened in Seville EXPO 1992.  All buildings have forms of vertical partitioning of the wall surfaces with some underlining and highlighting by the play of different sized window openings. Aluminum and high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels of two or three shades are also designed to emphasize the overall spatial rhythm of buildings in an urban environment. The conceptual basis of... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsOffices


Aura is a business center located in Nur-Sultan`s rapidly developing area. The business center Aura and its interior were entirely designed and specified by INK Architects.  The combination of cubism fine art movement and the interpretation of the traditions of classical architecture are used in the composition of the design project. The primary emphasis is on the expressiveness of linear rhythms and light-color combinations of forms. The color relationships of different tones of marble, carpet; contrasting linear rhythms of metal constructions; tinted glasses lining up in harmony; create a quiet world of modern man. Each zone has an independent language: noble grey contrast and a linear arrangement of golden metal hues on front glas... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsResidential Landscape

Capital Park

Architects: INK Architects Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Website URL: Contact email:   Design time: 2016-2018 Total area: 936 498 м2 Type: urban planning, large-scale, mixed-use Stage: construction   Lead Architect: Nurlan Kamitov (RIBA Chartered Architect) Design team: Ruslan Saginbaev (technical drawing team architect), Inna Golovina (developed design team leader, project architect), Edil Alimbekov (conceptual design team leader), Albina Gazieva (spatial planning lead architect), Aisulu Erentalieva (master planning, urban planning lead architect), Timur Murakaev (visualisation team leader). Client & construction team: BI Grou... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsHotels

Hilton Astana

Hilton Astana is a brand new hotel within a new social and community-driven part of the city – the futuristic exhibition complex Astana EXPO 2017. The idea was to create a hotel as a place of cultural significance with a traditional approach to luxury hotel design, using generous proportions and spectacular views to make the hotel an icon within the cityscape. INK Architects Kazakhstan architecture and design company developed the project in the ultimate short period - 90 days.The hotel design inspired by a place unique nature and cultural heritage. The conceptual basis involves three key elements: nature, culture, and history of Central Kazakhstan. One of the dominant symbols of the city is a golden stalk of wheat, which represents i... More