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Project • By WRA - Wild Rabbits ArchitectureHousing

Pop-Up Building

Aubervilliers is a sweet and messy suburb located in the north of Paris. The Charles Tillon street looks like the messiest street in town. But an attentive look allows to realize that the amazing buildings along the East side called the "blue roofs" (or the Smurfs), articulates effectively this contrasted site composed of huge towers, small housing and a cemetery. The Smurfs were designed by the firm Fiumani & Jacquemot architects in the 80’s, but the project will remain unfinished. The Pop-Up Building is constructed in the empty central part of that triangle shaped and coloured composition.  The Wild Rabbits Architects choose to complete the work using their own tools to reinterpret the originals goals of the blue roof’s desi... More