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Project • By AYENKResidential Landscape


The project aspires to create a new inspiring landmark and add value to the most rapidly developing part of Almaty. The development balances the need for a density, planning regulations requirements, and the human scale by designing diverse facades and carefully playing with building compositions. 4YOU seamlessly integrates into the modern masterplan of Almaty. The development takes advantage of being next to the main pedestrian arteries by adding commercial and public spaces along the planned pedestrian boulevard. This will support the pedestrianization of the area, increase property value, reduce the need for automobile transportation, and increase safety. Moreover, such places have great potential for future cultural events, festiva... More

Project • By AYENKCommercial Landscape

Latin Quarter

The conceptual masterplan on Latin Quarter aspires to keep the unique culture of the area and improve the quality of life of the entire neighborhood. The development provides workplaces as well as residential units for various backgrounds, while the ground and first levels are dedicated to the public and trade. The locality also starts with accessibility and walkability of the streets: bicycle tracks, landscaped pedestrian arteries, and river walks will improve the economic, health, and safety issues of the area. More

Project • By AYENKResidential Landscape

Pompano Beach

AYENK designed an 18-unit residential complex with retail at the ground level for a private client. The building is located in a commercial zone of Pompano Beach. Our project aims to add value to the area by introducing a carefully designed, compact, modern building that efficiently utilizes the lot area without compromising the quality of life of the residents. More

Project • By AYENKHotels

Brickell 12

Brickell 12 station is a luxurious 8-story hotel, conveniently located in West Brickell. The eye-catching architecture creates a new memorable landmark in the area. The hotel provides 96 spacious lodging units, elegantly designed to offer an unforgettable stay for the guests. More

Project • By INK ArchitectsShops

Brickell Lux

Brickell LUXLuxury Mixed-Use Residential Tower West Brickell, Miami, Florida   Elegant and organic, its strong presence positions Brickell Lux as a powerful and poised statement for the Brickell skyline. Proudly situated next to Brickell City Centre, the extraordinary creative collaboration will result in an architectural paradigm for the city. With its sophisticated residences embodying nature, Brickell Lux will reinvent the classic Brickell Luxury residence, delivering a distinctive living experience. The mixed-use project will feature 108 residences, 60 hotel rooms, and commercial space. At Brickell Lux, residents will have ultimate access to an oasis of exclusive privileges. An exquisite and chic lobby, private amenities designe... More