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Project • By KettinghulsPrivate Houses


Together with Vink Bouw, Leukehuizen.nl and Stadsboeren van Almere, KettingHuls has realized a residential building in the new farmyard of urban farmers Tom Saat and Tineke van den Berg in Oosterwold near Almere. Oosterwold is a large expansion area between Almere and Zeewolde in which plans can be developed in accordance with a given set of rules; there is no spatial framework for this new district. Rather than being created top-down, in accordance with a comprehensive plan, Oosterwold is to develop organically through a multitude of initiatives that are allowed a maximum of freedom. In this area, urban farmers Tom and Tineke acquired an Agricultural plot that will become part of their Stadsboerderij: a biodynamic farm with cows, agricul... More