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Project • By JMADApartments

Ming Dynasty Suite

Richly appointed, our client’s condo on Nicollet Island presented the opportunity to create an atmosphere, spaces to display their art collection and a highly detailed primary suite.  JMAD JMAD JMAD JMAD Architect James McNeal started with the stair railing that connects the upper floor to the suite. The suite was tight on space, so we wanted to use details that would open up the space without eliminating any. Since the tub takes up so much space, we decided to make the tub an art and water feature - with a hand-carved dragon serving at the helm. All the detailing was custom designed by us, with granite and a pebbled tile flooring underneath the tub. We hired local artists to bring our designs to life. JMA... More

Project • By Studio MinosaPrivate Houses

Mosman Residence

DescriptionSet One of the first homes built in Sydney’s prestigious lower north shore; this heritage-listed circa 1900 property houses a professional couple and their two young children. Caption The clients have an acute eye for detail and their budget reflected a desire for design excellence. Caption Whilst the client did not want a traditional kitchen, they did want the kitchen to look effortless in an impressive piece of Sydney’s heritage. Caption Inspiration can be born from the smallest details, searching for a unique quality, the stunning joinery of the island was drawn from a sewer-breathing stack dating back to the late 1800s. The vintage stack outside the home's front door. The Stack has a fluted base... More

Project • By Studio EsarPrivate Houses

Mt Martha

The transformation of this Mount Martha residence has elevated it from dated to delightful. Drawing inspiration from the coastal colours and textures of the Mornington Peninsula, we sprinkled our magic over every inch of the house with new materials, textured furnishings, a new kitchen and bathrooms to create a light, warm and layered contemporary home. The clients engaged our Studio to rejuvenate and modernise their house. They wanted a place they felt proud to call home and recognised the value in investing in quality materials and updating joinery to a contemporary design. With very little structural modifications required to the interior, we elevated the beauty and functionality of the spaces with a soft-white, textural and natural pal... More

Project • By Grande Interior DesignApartments


Situated near the harbourfront side of Tseung Kwan O, Monterey is a high-end residence with a practical area of 1,118 square feet. As the unit has a stunning view, the owner hopes to create a leisurely place that can blend with the environment. Therefore, our designer used several curves to outline the space in different areas of the living room. A clean and light color scheme is used as the base, along with various unique furnishings and flooring made of wood with wabi-sabi meticulous details such as rattan, wood and tiles, creating a relaxing refuge with a taste of classy. Caption Originally a four-room layout, the designer reconfigured it to create a spacious, open living and dining area and distinctly divided into three functional... More

Project • By Studio ST ArchitectsApartments

Riverside Drive Apartment

This midcentury modern-inspired Riverside Drive Apartment is a combined 2,500-square-foot apartment. It is designed as a home for a family of five that would continue to accommodate the children as they grow older. The apartment renovation transformed the space by relocating the entrance and creating a generous foyer adjacent to the new enlarged kitchen. Alan Tansey Alan Tansey Alan Tansey The former entry area was converted into a family room den, which became the favorite space for the family to hang out, play video games and watch TV. Black steel bi-fold doors with fluted glass offer subtle privacy and allow natural light from the living room windows to filter into the room. Alan Tansey Alan Tansey Alan... More

Project • By Objekt ArchitectenHousing

Villa ABC

For our clients in Lebbeke, we set to work on their existing home. The layout of the house needed to be rethought to improve its circulation. With 2 teenagers growing up, there was also the need for more space and a new, practical bathroom. Ypsilon Business Photography The main intervention became the demolition of the existing volume at the back of the house. Instead, a new volume was added, including a new rooftop dormer. This intervention increased the useful floor area on the ground floor as well as on the first floor. The entire rear façade is made up of glass sections for maximum connection with the garden. Ypsilon Business Photography A teardrop-shaped kitchen island was placed centrally in the kitchen, a place wher... More

Product • By Stone ForestFacet Bathtub

Facet Bathtub

Carved from single blocks of Antique Gray Limestone or Noce Basalt, these architectural statement pieces are the embodiment of functional sculptures, emphasizing the simple beauty of natural stone. Hand-crafted to create subtle flat planes that reflect and refract light when viewed from different angles, the unique faceted exterior makes a strong architectural statement. Taking three weeks to complete, the ovoid shape is squared at each end to provide a small rest for accoutrements, while the interiors are smooth and inviting.  Available in two luxurious stones, Antique Gray Limestone, also called "bluestone", and Noce Basalt are sourced from quarries throughout Europe. As with other stone tubs, the material takes on the ambient temp... More

Project • By Varied FormsApartments

Apartment in Kensington

Two elegant ensuite bathrooms in Kensington, London, using Varied Forms coloured handle accents across the tap and shower faucet bathroom fittings to great effect by selecting tones that referenced the wall colours set against a clean and simple chrome. Caption   More


Gorgeous Bathroom Interior Design Concept

Bathrooms are sometimes overlooked in interior design, and they are frequently plain and minimalist. However, Modenese gastone Interiors ensured that every area of the space is designed with so much force and flair in this luxury bedroom interior design. Caption The luxury bedroom interior design, like the photographs above, includes all of the necessary, but the firm has enhanced it so much that it produces a pleasant mood in the space. The magnificent green abstract in the bathtub steals the stage! Caption The design is so stunning that you'll think you're in a five-star hotel. The luxurious bedroom interior design also has two stunning mirrors where you may admire your attractiveness all day. Its lovely shape is wrapped in th... More

Project • By TECNOGRAFICAPrivate Houses

Bagno per gli ospiti by Barbara Calia

The architect Barbara Calia was in charge of the renovation of a 1970s house a few minutes away from the center of Bari (Puglia). The work concerned a new distribution of the environments, thanks to demolitions and reconstructions. The apartment stands out for its essential yet surprising design. White and neutral colors dominate the rooms, instilling a warm and sophisticated atmosphere throughout the house. Caption The guest bathroom is no less: in fact, the nude pink and taupe shades are in perfect balance with those of the 'Kenthie' jungle wallpaper. The final effect is a refined, remarkable and bright bathroom, despite the absence of natural light. The wallpaper has been selected in the waterproof H2O finish, allowing for continuo... More

Project • By TECNOGRAFICAApartments

Bagno - Casa Raffaello by 400GON

400GON is a young architecture and design studio situated in the Italian region of Campania. For an apartment located in Vomero, one of the districts of Naples (Italy) located in the hills, the studio took care of its renovation. The open space living area, including kitchen and living room, has been set taking into consideration the exclusive view of Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples that can be enjoyed from the apartment. Foto di: Carlo Oriente - The house has a strong personality and it gives wide space for colour thanks to brilliant, colorful spots that stand out against the neutral shades.On the other hand, the two bathrooms of the house have been conceived as "monochromatic boxes", characterized by saturat... More

Project • By SicisBars

Lifestyle Suites Rome

Lifestyle Suites, a luxurious boutique hotel overlooking Piazza Navona in Rome, has recently opened its brand-new cocktail bar, designed by SICIS. An explosion of vibrant and richly shaded greens, the magic of backlit Vetrite* Onigem.  The opalescent slabs, in Green and Emerald tones, cover the bar counter, the back wall and part of the ceiling, placed on a structure with LED lights inside. Caption *Vetrite is the exclusive material patented by SICIS for interiors and exteriors. It is a laminated glass with a range of hundreds of different designs and finishes. It can be opaque, semiò-transparent, or backlit, and can be used as a wall or floor covering in interior spaces, furniture tops or lamps, stairs and railings, or... More

Project • By mnda studioApartments

Ceraldi Bathroom

As in a bottle of water. In the Milanese municipality of San Donato, a new bathroom comes to life in every sense of the word. Daniel Civetta The new concept is based on the materiality of its coatings, and the indissoluble relationship between light and water. Natural architectural elements capable of enhancing shapes and, above all, colors. Daniel Civetta Originally, our client's request was to satisfy different needs, denied by the presence of a bathtub and furnishing elements; which were dated and bulky, but at the same time functional. Aimed at storing every necessary accessory inside this environment. Daniel Civetta The new shower is the design fulcrum in our intervention, it contains elements and sensations within i... More

NewsSpecification • 20 Mar 2023

10 stunning washbasins redefining luxury and style in private houses

Luxury and comfort are the two factors that homeowners aspire to incorporate into their bathroom design. While washbasins serve a practical function, they also have the potential to make a design statement.    Washbasins come in all shapes and sizes, from sleek and minimalistic to bold and artistic. They offer a fresh perspective on bathroom design, transforming a mundane space into a personal sanctuary.    From striking, unconventionally shaped washbasins to classic, elegant designs, the following list is a selection of ten stunning washbasins that offer endless possibilities to express style and creativity in residential bathrooms.   1. RO PENTHOUSE Amit Geron A penthouse apartment located over the ent... More

Project • By Studio ST ArchitectsSynagogues

Skokie Valley Synagogue

The award-winning Skokie Valley Synagogue renovation transformed the sanctuary, built in 1963, from a dark and formal room to an ethereal, bright and ADA accessible space for a contemporary congregation. The renovation included the installation of new windows and HVAC system throughout the building, as well as converting the old, large stage into new, modern bathrooms and a coat room. Kendall McCaugherty In order to brighten the sanctuary, a large triangular skylight was installed in the center of the room, lighting the location of the prayer leader. The existing colored vertical windows were replaced with clear glass, and the outdated candelabra chandeliers were removed. New minimal LED linear cove uplights were installed, washing th... More