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Product • By ModCraftModCraft Tile Valley

ModCraft Tile Valley

ModCraft Valley modern wall tile is 6″ x 6″ dimensional tile. The tile raises slightly in the middle and slopes off to one side. This creates a rich patterning when used as a feature wall, kitchen back splash, or elegant bathroom tile. More

Project • By Lux4homeHotels

Natural Stone Pedestal Sink Bathroom

Here's what happens when nature enters the bathroom. Interior with river stone sinks. Natural stone freestanding washbasins are impressive and addictive. We produce natural stone pedestal sinks in Indonesia and for special orders, we first take photo... More
Amoretti Brothers Copper Bathroom Sink
Copper Sink and Lighting
Amoretti Brothers Copper Decorative Lighting

Project • By Amoretti BrothersPrivate Houses

Copper Bathroom Sink - Lola

We designed and manufactured the bathroom sink in hammered copper & the two beautiful decorative copper lighting for a private residence  More

Product • By dade-designdade WAVE washbasin collection - concrete washbasins

dade WAVE washbasin collection - concrete washbasins

Just as elegant as the bathtub, the dade WAVE washbasin is made of one piece – sensually curved and with side shelves. It can be used as a countertop washbasin or combined with the purist bathroom furniture dade LAURA made of raw square steel.... More

Product • By dade-designdade CASSA collection - concrete washbasins

dade CASSA collection - concrete washbasins

dade CASSA reflects the trend towards simple, straight lines. The box washbasin has space for storing utensils on the back side next to the outlet for the tap. dade CASSA is available in different widths – all are suitable as countertop washbas... More

Product • By Phos Design GmbHHTB2K


Towel bars with 2 crossbars, 2x Ø10 mm solid stainless steel bar bent in one piece, front bar at 72 cm height, rear bar at 82 cm height, total width 48 cm, incl. O-rings for a safe stand. More

Product • By Phos Design GmbHDSE900


Shower curtain rail Ø12 mm in L-form 90 x 90 cm, corner piece radius 14 mm and ceiling suspension 40 cm (can be shortened), solid stainless steel, hand-ground More

Project • By AC RemodelingHousing

Black and White Elegant Master Bath

For this bathroom, we wanted to maximize the usage of the space to give our clients the best experience when using their new master bathroom.Our designers created a corner walk-in shower using a half wall for one of the sides to create an open concep... More

Project • By Atelier Starzak StrebickiApartments

Apartment Marcel

The apartment with a view located on the seventh floor is a result of combining two flats. Its space is divided into two main and at the same time interpenetrating zones: intimate and daily.   The first one includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceApartments

Desert Rose - futuristic cleaning chamber

WHAT  Desert Rose cleaning chamber is a device for dry and wet body cleaning.    HOW  The suggestion is to make body cleaning in two steps. The first step is to use special cleaning powder, which consists of kaolin and dried h... More

Project • By Denis Dino BassaniApartments

Apartment LR

We are within an important architecture that enhances the context of the largest square in Gradisca d'Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia. An interior architecture project that has affected a large part of the new distribution of the spaces, creating... More

Product • By Hastings Tile & BathUnderground Vanity

Underground Vanity

Each vanity in the multifaceted Underground collection has a unique ability to elevate and lighten a space with its considered balance of open and closed storage. The vanities are offered in distinctive styles and configurations, but are all marked b... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Luxury Neoclassical Palace Interior Design

This Luxury Neoclassical Palace Interior Design located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the pinnacle of understated opulence. The iconic combination of classical and modern design elements is stunningly executed. All the small details—including the... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Luxury Contemporary Villa Interior Design

This Riyadh-based Luxury Contemporary Villa Interior Design is definitely the pinnacle of effortless sophistication. It respects the cultural boundaries of Saudi Arabia by segregating the family’s, men’s, and women’s sections. The u... More

Product • By MobiltesinoURBAN ISSUES #2: new compositions now available


An essential, dynamic and modern line featuring a prevalence of neutral colours and light shades, which today, thanks to these new compositions, aims to accentuate design and personality.  To create a relaxing and sensual atmosphere, Urban comb... More