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NewsNews • 14 Feb 2022

Minimalist Home P by Francisca Hautekeete emphasizes quality of life and living experience

Connected to a barn and located amongst numerous trees, Home P by Francisca Hautekeete is a minimalist home in Lokeren, Belgium, that emphasizes quality of life and living experience.  Nicolas Vantomme A total of 1000 m3, the architects explains that the house is ‘transparent’ in the sense that both the front and back of the house relate strongly to their surroundings.  Nicolas Vantomme The front of the house is south-facing and includes a patio designed for relaxation under the trees in the spring. Meanwhile, the rear of the house provides views outward into a seemingly endless landscape.  Nicolas Vantomme The striking façade is made of a white/grey toned Carrera Camarque Brick by Heylen... More

NewsNews • 2 Dec 2021

An Schoenmaekers completes an extensive renovation of two terraced houses and a textile factory in the center of Sint-Niklaas

The owners of a dilapidated plot in the center of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, saw it as an opportunity to breathe new life into an undervalued place with a rich history. The plot holds two row houses and a textile factory at the back, a reminder of the textile industry that used to define Sint-Niklaas. Johnny Umans An Schoenmaekers designed an extensive renovation of the two terraced houses and the textile factory that uses the existing elements as much as possible and transforms it into a modern, close to energy-neutral, home. Existing parts were intentionally left raw and new additions are clearly defined as new. Johnny Umans The layout was opened up and simplified into clear open interiors with a strong visual connection to each o... More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2021

I.s.m.architecten breaks with adjacent Flemish village row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape

In a Belgian village, close to Antwerp, i.s.m.architecten intentionally broke with the adjacent row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape with its sharp edge to the street. This reduced the point of contact with the street to a bare minimum.  luis díaz díaz The angular shape gives the side wedges of the volume a distinct character. A concrete wall encloses an introverted patio next to the front entrance. One side opens to the patio and the other opens towards the surrounding landscape. luis díaz díaz The pentagonal floor plan is shaped like the icon for a house. A solitary concrete column and conversation pit organize the open plan. An open concrete staircase connects towards the upper level of... More

Project • By Studio TotoShops

Momade Cupcakes Shop Brussels

The project is located in Rue de Madeleine in the center of Brussels. De groundfloor is a former art gallery. The space was remodelled to sell baked goods.   The large showcase window from the previous gallery lends itself well to displaying the baked goods in the store. It entices people to enter and inquire. Once inside a large countertop fills the space. Along the sides of the space there is seating. Previously used spaces create oppurtunities to create sitting corners.   The project is a collaboration of Studio toto and product designer and developer Jasper Aelvoet, who designed the interior of the store.   Fase :             Finished Year :             &... More

Project • By Studio TotoHousing

Transformed attic

The project is located in the commune of Oppuurs. The house is part of a series of four equal houses of the 90's. The house is semi-open. Characteristic of the house is the high roof volume, which today is only used as 'attic space'.  Today the ground and second floor are used by the residents. The high, generous roof structure creates the opportunity to include the current attic space with the rest of the house. Removing the existing staircase that currently connects the ground and first floor is a first step in this. By providing a smooth, comfortable connection between the ground floor and first floor on the one hand, and the first floor and second floor on the other, the attic is physically and visually included with the rest of t... More

NewsNews • 4 Mar 2021

KAAN Architecten extends Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts with hyper modern roof galleries

KAAN Architecten approached the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts in two distinctly different ways. The 19th century building was restored to its former grandeur as much as possible and the new extension, inserted into four former patios, adds a clean hyper modern spatiality to the Fine Arts experience.     The new addition is held up by a 1-million-kilo steel skeleton. Its cleanness, asymmetry and verticality contrasts with the ornamentality, symmetry and horizontal nature of the existing 19th century neoclassical  building.  © Mediamixer “Both the 21st and the 19th century museum couldn’t be more different and more intense. They embody an emblematic contrast in dimensions, light and atmosp... More

Project • By Studio TotoApartments

Renovation Apartment '60

The apartment was built in 1960 and was in the condition in which the very first owner ever bought it.The original bathroom and kitchen had typical blue tiles that were never changed. In the rest of the apartment bright floral wallpaper was coated on the walls. An oak chevron parquet floor was laid in the living room. An oversized hallway/corridor offered the opportunity to expand the living space to the widest extent. The walls between the living space and hallway, also the hallway between the kitchen were demolished. The concrete skeleton remains and forms a spatial boundary between the different rooms in the apartment. All the rooms are open and connected with each other. All the interior furniture was designed so that the apartment an... More

Project • By Lucas Freire ArchitectureApartments

Apartment Brussels

This apartment has been a special project. Being a fan of Gustave Strauven’s work, it was an honour to be able to improve the second floor of this charming building. Fully transforming the previous two studios into one apartment circular apartment, around the core. A difficult plan that had no space for a second bedroom and only one small bathroom, became a home with space for storage, a sharing bathroom to two bedrooms and a separate toilet. A spacious kitchen, living room and dining room, by eliminating difficult corners and angles from the previous construction. More

Project • By HUBTram Stops


The building is situated on the corner of Zegelstraat and Turnhoutsebaan, the latter being a major access road to the city of Antwerp.The building comprises a mixed programme with offices for district police, residences and the entrance to a metro station. The metro station greatly reduces the possibility of bringing down loads on the corner of the site, a fact which defines the project’s tectonic form. The plinth – of the same height as the neighboring buildings – comprises a Vierendeel beam which spans the metro station and distributes the load of the tower volume located on the corner. The façade is a light shell made of aluminium which tempers the support structure’s exuberant character while lending the... More

Project • By HUBOffices

De Waterduivel

De Waterduivel is a dual-purpose building earmarked for the regional fire department of Mechelen and the City of Mechelen’s municipal services. Both programme elements have very specific requirements but will nevertheless occupy shared facilities in the future.    The building comprises truck parking, workshop space, a salt depot, office and meeting rooms, extensive sanitary facilities and living quarters for the fire department. The ensemble can be thought of as a machine, whose design is the direct consequence of the operational activities which take place within it, and the efficiency with which they are, by necessity, conducted.    All principle programmatic elements are organised around a centrally located... More

Product • By RENSONEndura Delta

Endura Delta

Aside from being energy efficient, a house should above all be a home where people can live in a comfortable and healthy environment.Elements such as sun protection (to prevent overheating), ventilative cooling (intensive night-time ventilation during hot summer months) and a high-quality ventilation system guarantee this comfortable and healthy indoor climate. The Endura Delta is equipped with a fully automatic summer bypass. This bypass ensures that during hot summer months the house can be cooled down overnight with fresh air from outside. When the bypass is activated, the warm extracted air does not pass through but alongside the heat exchanger. This way the heat is no longer transmitted to the fresh air supply.The supply air can then... More

Project • By RENSONShowrooms

IVC Group experience centre

The Belgian company, IVC Flooring, moved into the Flooring Development Centre, which is next to the E17 in Waregem, at the beginning of this year. The iconic building was thoroughly renovated into an inspiring place in which customers, designers, and architects from all over the world can get acquainted with IVC’s latest achievements in the field of floor design, innovation, and R&D. The IVC Flooring Group, which also has local production facilities, called on Belgian company Renson to supply the best sun protection system.   Architectural solar shadingThe architectural Icarus 480 blades from Renson, which were installed on the sloping zinc roof, immediately catch the eye. The blades, which are the same colour as the roof,... More

Product • By RENSONLinarte Modulo

Linarte Modulo System

Linarte Block 30 & Linarte Even. Seating element or planter edge in padauk. Optional with lighting at the bottom. LED option. Available in 20 RAL colours. Linarte Modulo 55 SIT & PLANT: Height 17 23/32 inches (450 mm) /// Length 21 13/16 inches (554 mm) /// Width 21 13/16 inches (554 mm)   Linarte Modulo 97 SIT & PLANT: Height 17 23/32 inches (450 mm) /// Length 38 11/32 inches (974 mm) /// Width 21 13/16 inches (554 mm)   Linarte Modulo COMBINATION: Height 17 23/32 inches (450 mm) /// Length  customized /// Width 21 13/16 inches (554 mm) More

Product • By RENSONLinarte Outdoor Light

Linarte Outdoor Light

Linarte Outdoor Light is available in 20 RAL colours. The lighting is not dimmable. Linarte Even is available in 2 heights with different options: Linarte Outdoor Light Small: Height 12 51/64 inches (325 mm) /// Depth 4 23/32 inches (120 mm) /// Width 3 15/64 inches (82 mm)   Linarte Outdoor Light Medium: Height 20 9/32 inches (515 mm) /// Depth 4 23/32 inches (120 mm) /// Width 3 15/64 inches (82 mm) More

Project • By FlosOffices


The architect studio Klaarchitectuur based in Sint-Truiden (Belgium) is responsible for these custom-designed offices and Flos is the lighting manufacturer. Klaarchitectuur's project translates into a distinguished place to work, meet and receive international guests. Overall, a place where design and peace merge and coexist together, providing high quality interior design facilities in the office world.  In this workplace, taken care of to the last detail, we can find the following luminaires: String Lights, Kelvin Led, The Tracking Magnet, Find Me and Juncos.    Images: © Beeldpunt /Valerie Clarysse More