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Project • By Studio AbacaxiPrivate Houses

Garden Studio

Working from home can be challenging, especially with small kids around. Therefore a young creative couple asked Studio Abacaxi to design a Garden Studio, in which they could work and host guests. The combination of working and living resulted in a multi-functional structure, where the integrated furniture caters to the different needs. Aiste Rakauskaite Aiste Rakauskaite Aiste Rakauskaite Since the structure houses two different work spaces, in which possible meetings with clients and collaborators could occur, the studio is divided in two main spaces. Logistically the two spaces can function separately, with a kitchen and bathroom as a central core. When used to host guest, the studio turns into a living room, bedroom and... More

Project • By Papundekl ArchitectsApartments

Apartment with glass block walls

A young couple loved living in a 70’s housing estate Dablice in Prague and after a few years in a rented flat decided to buy an identical flat in the neighbouring block of flats. However, he wanted to move into the new apartment after its total refurbishment. He therefore started looking for architects and after a small tender he approached Papundekl architects for cooperation.  The clients knew all the advantages and problems of the layout and their main goal was to make the apartment more light and get enough storage space. After joint discussions, a path of minor adjustments to the existing, otherwise satisfactory, layout was chosen.  In order to allow more natural light into the center of the apartment, the architects de... More

Project • By heimat studioApartments

The Furniture House

The assignment consisted in the refurbishment of a small flat located in the historic centre of Seville, with a surface area of 55m2. Angeles Molina Angeles Molina The need of the clients to create a new space containing two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room posed a major challenge. The external façade of the building is in front of a small square facing south, so the spaces most used during the day were turned towards it. Angeles Molina In contrast, the night-facing spaces are located around the interior courtyard. With the main objective of achieving flexible and open-plan spaces, an intermediate space is used as a hinge, which will sometimes be used as an office, sometimes as a guest bedroom with a... More

Project • By Brosh ArchitectsOffices

Brosh Architects Studio

Brosh Architects required an additional office space for expansion of the office.After a long search to find rental space in central London, Its owner, Lior Brosh, decided to take the cost of monthly office rental along with the time and money spent on commuting to build the Brosh Architects studio at the far end of the Garden. Ollie Hammick Ollie Hammick The shape of the space was born from the odd shape of the rear garden and internal spaces were designed to fit a working office and guest room with ensuite for guests and family to come to visit as well as space for garden storage. Ollie Hammick Ollie Hammick At the outset, the full-length cantilever roof was not as part of the original design, however; when Lior visi... More

Project • By Bee ArchitectsApartments


The flat is located in the South part of London and pertains to a development built in the early 90s. After almost 30 years of being left apart, the age took its toll and the owner decided to bring it to life again.  We found dark spaces, small windows and a huge amount of items including books randomly stored and spread all over. Our main purpose was to bring natural light in by keeping a neutral, luminous background and using it as a scene for the artwork to be exhibited.  Katy Donaldson Katy Donaldson The main challenges were bringing the light and storage without crowding the rooms keeping in mind not being allowed to do any changes to the layout, only a scenography that should transform the internal space into a di... More

Project • By studio wokOffices

Orsero HQ

For its new headquarters in Milan, Gruppo Orsero (leading company in the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables) has chosen the top floor of one of the new buildings designed by ACPV Architects in the Symbiosis district, with a wonderful view over the city of Milan. The project focuses on re-designing the interiors to adapt them to the needs of the company, which preferred closed offices and separate areas rather than a large open space. Marcello Mariana studio Marcello Mariana studio The spatial division is defined by a trilithic system of monolithic elements placed in the cartesian space following the rhythm of the facade; a new horizon, 260 cm high, mitigates the height of the interiors and dialogues with the domesticity... More

Project • By henkai architektiApartments

Bachelor's Flat

Studio: henkai architektiAuthor: Daniel Baroš, principal architectMichal Nejezchleb, principal architect   Flat for single person, for active pilot or for a pair. BoysPlayNice   The flat is situated in concrete-block building in housing development which is undergoing gradual generational shift of its inhabitants. Original aesthetics and layout of the flat is in the eyes of investor viewed as obsolete, furthermore the original layout created unused corridor and a loop in connecting the kitchen with living room. Optimizing the layout has led us to fulfilment of investor's request for brightening the space and creating single living area including kitchen and living room. In doing so we also integrated the unused cor... More

Project • By Papundekl ArchitectsApartments

Apartment with wooden core

Apartment in a house from the late 40s is located in Prague in a quiet part of Bubenec. As part of the generational change of the inhabitants of the apartment, which has been passed down in the same family for over three generations, a young couple decided to completely renovate it and approached Papundekl architects for cooperation. Alex Shoots Buildings The original layout of the apartment was characterized by a breakneck arrangement of facilities. The clients' wish was to rotate the layout so that the living room and kitchen were on the sunny south side, where the windows face the public courtyard, and the bedrooms on the quieter north side. The architects explored several possible layouts, and in the end, the "wrap-around" layout... More
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Project • By M&THotels


KEBIN is a mobile container measuring 2.6×7 m with a height of 2.78 m and works on the OFFGRID principle. It is therefore self-sustaining and without the need for connection to utilities. The authors of the project, architect Jan Bek and builder Stanislav Líkař designed the container to be as comfortable as possible, to have a practical use and to blend in with its surroundings.   Further specifics of the container are given in the instruction manual. Opening the windows, flipping up the small terrace, opening the roof or closing the door to the bathroom and toilet timelessly - the resident has to learn how to operate the container in order to use it to its full potential, thus creating living through play.   The... More

Project • By Hristina Hristova ArchitectureHotels

Mini Pods

Mini pods were designed as a budget-friendly option to start or expand a hospitality business.  They are meant to be placed in nature, in groups or as a stand alone hotel rooms in nature. Hristina Hristova The design of the pods is all about the panoramic window that allows visitors to observe the everchanging landscape around them. Everything else is reduced to the bare minimum  - a bed space, a small kitchenette, and a bathroom. The asymmetrical pitched roof creates the distinctive shape of the pod. Hristina Hristova Mini Pods are built onto a metal platform with adjustable height legs. They could be repositioned via a trailer on wheels in order to reduce the crane-lift expenses. The structural skeleton of the pods i... More

Project • By JC. Architecture & DesignCultural Centres

Not Just Library

This is not just a library, not just a 83-year-old bathhouse monument, not just a cultural venue.   Down the corridor, with lights filling upwards and incoming scent of books, one can let go of the chaotic outdoors and enjoy being bathed in spirits and knowledge. 李國民攝影工作室 Kuomin Lee Taking the inspiration from a drop bathhouse, pick up a book from the bookshelf made of stacked birch plywood, sink it in. The plywood reveals a gentle light that accompanies people like a book bath, immerse them in invisible thoughts. Words recording speeches, speeches shaping the communication between the inspiration and creativity between inner hearts and mind. Here, it doesn’t just serve the purpose of personal gatherings, the possibilitie... More

Project • By Clementine Blakemore ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Wraxall Yard

Clementine Blakemore Architects has completed the sensitive restoration of a series of derelict agricultural buildings into inclusive holiday accommodation, a community space, workshop and smallholding. The site forms part of a 250-acre organic farm within the West Dorset AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), and the renovation is part of a visionary project by the owners to improve the biodiversity of the landscape, as well as provide universal access to it. Lorenzo Zandri The completed buildings are available to rent either as five individual holiday lets, or as a whole site, which includes use of the community space. Since it opened as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company in July 2022, roughly 60% of the bookings have b... More

Project • By TANGRAMOffices

Venus Communiti

Located in a busy neighborhood in Bangalore, spread across 8000 sft, spanning 7 floors. We believe Venus Communiti is a new age workspace! The ground floor of Venus has been designed as a lounge; this space is so flexible that it can host events, cooking/baking workshops, product or art showcases & so much more! The mezzanine has meeting rooms, phone booths, and smaller discussion zones. The next 2 levels are coliving, followed by 2 levels of coworking and the terrace is a cafeteria for all users to hangout during lunch time or host jamming sessions in the evening. Nayan Soni Nayan Soni We designed the entire 8,000 sft building spread across 7 floors, located in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. Configuration of activities in the bu... More

Project • By WXY Architecture + Urban DesignHotels

Cabins for Wildwood State Park

New York State Parks commissioned WXY architecture + urban to design the first vacation cabins and cottages at Wildwood State Park on Long Island, with10 cabins ranging in size from 670 to 784 square feet. The new vacation cabins are designed to provide high quality, affordable accommodations at Wildwood State Park on the Long Island Sound. The cabin exteriors include materials like cedar shingles, reclaimed mahogany trim, and metal roofing and feature both one- and two-bedroom units, as well as a bathroom, kitchenette, screened outdoor porch and furnishings. Inside, the cabins are bright with plenty of natural light. The interior walls and floors are designed with unfinished natural wood. Rustic design blends the indoors and outdoorsWXY... More

Project • By McMahon ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Leyton House

Leyton House forms a new home for a filmmaker and writer. The design reimagines a neglected, narrow plot that sits at the end of a 1960s terrace built on the site of a World War 2 bomb.  Fernando Manoso The brief was to maximise the potential of the infill site creating a space to live and work that suits the client’s current requirements but also has the potential to adapt and grow as circumstances change.  Fernando Manoso A lengthy two-year process was undertaken in order convince the planners to embrace a modern and contemporary design approach that ultimately gained approval for a three- storey house that respects the spirit of the 60’s terrace whilst addressing the Victorian context of the neighbouring... More